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Strong's #3164 - μάχομαι

Root Word (Etymology)
middle voice of an apparently root word
Parts of Speech
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  1. to fight
    1. of armed combatants, or those who engage in a hand to hand struggle
    2. of those who engage in a war of words, to quarrel, wrangle, dispute
    3. of those who contend at law for property and privileges
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 2717 ‑ חָרַב (khaw‑rab', khaw‑rabe');  2734 ‑ חָרָה (khaw‑raw');  3898 ‑ לָחַם (law‑kham');  5221 ‑ נָכָה (naw‑kaw');  5327 ‑ נָצָה (naw‑tsaw');  7378 ‑ רוּב (reeb, roob);  
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James 1
NAS (5)
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2 Timothy 1
James 1
HCS (4)
John 1
Acts 1
2 Timothy 1
James 1
BSB (4)
John 1
Acts 1
2 Timothy 1
James 1
ESV (4)
John 1
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2 Timothy 1
James 1
WEB (4)
John 1
Acts 1
2 Timothy 1
James 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

μάχομαι [],

Ion. pres. opt. μαχέοιτο Il. 1.272, μαχέοιντο ib. 344 (v.l. μαχέονται); part. μαχεόμενος v.l. in Hdt. 7.104 (elsewh. μαχόμενος, 9.75,al.); μαχειόμενος Od. 17.471, μαχεούμενος 11.403, 24.113: impf. μαχέσκετο Il. 7.140: fut. μαχήσομαι 23.621, Hdt. 7.209; μαχέσομαι, δια-μαχεσόμεθα (as v.l.) Id. 9.48; also in late Prose, J. AJ 11.8.3, Plu. 2.215f; μαχοῦμαι S. OC 837, Ar. Pl. 1076, etc., μαχεῖται even in Il. 20.26, but μαχέονται 2.366; μαχέσσομαι v.l. for μαχήσομαι 1.298: aor. ἐμαχεσάμην Hdt. 1.18, etc.; opt. μαχέσαιο Il. 6.329; inf. μαχέσασθαι 17.178, also μαχέσσασθαι 15.633; opt. μαχεσσαίμεσθα Theoc. 22.74; part. μαχεσσαμένω Il. 1.304; later μαχήσασθαι Paus. 1.27.1, (ἀνα -) D.S. 19.93: pf. μεμάχημαι Th. 7.43, Lys. 7.41, Isoc. 6.54: late aor. ἐμαχέσθην Plu. 2.970f, Paus. 5.4.9: fut. μαχεσθήσομαι only Sch.rec. A. Th. 672:


1. fight, Hom., etc.; ὑσμῖνι μ. Il. 2.863; πολεμίζειν ἠδὲ μ. ib. 452, etc.; μάχην μ. X. Ages. 5.5: in Hom. mostly of armies and persons fighting as parts of armies, but sts. of single combat, Il. 3.91, 433, 7.51, 111, 279, Od. 18.31, 39; between men and beasts, Il. 15.633, Od. 20.15; between beasts, Il. 16.824: Constr.: c. dat. pers., fight with, i. e. against, one, ἀνδράσιν ἶφι μ. Il. 1.151, cf. S. Ph. 1253, etc.; μ. ἀντία, ἐναντίον τινός, Il. 20.88, 97; ἐπί τινι 5.124, etc.; πρός τινα 17.471, but πρὸς δαίμονα against heaven's will, ib. 98 (in Att. Prose, mostly c. dat. or πρός, μ. τοῖς πολεμίοις D. 4.47; πρὸς ἀλλήλους Isoc. 4.116); μ. σὺν σοί,.. θεά, with thy help, Od. 13.390; μετὰ πρώτοισι μ. among the foremost, Il. 5.575; μετὰ Βοιωτῶν μ. with them, in their ranks, 13.700; πρός τινας μετ' ἀλλήλων Isoc. 10.53, cf. Pl. Smp. 179a; κατὰ σφέας γὰρ μαχέονται will fight by themselves, Il. 2.366 (but κατ' ἕνα μ. fight in single combat, Hdt. 7.104); μ. πρό τινος before him: hence, metaph., for him, in his defence, Il. 4.156, 8.56, X. HG 5.4.33, etc.; ὑπὲρ τοῦ νόμου Heraclit. 44; πάτρας ὕπερ E. Ph. 1002; Ἕλλησιν ὑπὲρ Ἑλλήνων Pl. Mx. 239b; περὶ δαιτί Od. 2.245; but later usu. περί τινος, A. Supp. 740, Cratin. 163, Hdt. 1.95; ἀμφί τινι Il. 3.70, 91; ἀμφὶ νέκυι 16.565; εἵνεκά τινος 2.377: c. dat. instrum., τόξοισι, πελέκεσσι μ., 7.140, 15.711 (χερσὶ μαχέσσασθαι, of boxers, Od. 18.39); μ. ἀπ' ἵππου fight from horseback, Hdt. 9.63; τὸ μήπω μεμαχημένον the force that had not yet come into action, Th. 7.43.

2. c. acc., fight against, only f.l. in Philostr. Im. 2.23.

II generally, quarrel, wrangle, ἔριδι μ. Il. 1.8; μ. ἐπέεσσιν ib. 304, etc.; τινι 5.875, 13.118; τῷ παιδὶ μ. make a scene with.., Thphr. Char. 23.8; dispute, argue, περί τι μ. Pl. R. 342d, etc.

III contend for the mastery in games, etc., πὺξ μ. Il. 23.621; measure oneself with or against, τινι 1.272; παγκράτιον μ. Ar. V. 1190, 1195; μ. Ὀλυμπιάδα Philostr. Gym. 21. after Hom., struggle against a force, ἀνάγκᾳ δ' οὐδὲ θεοὶ μ. Simon. 5.21; ὄμβρῳ Alc. Supp. 26.4; πρὸς ἡνίας μ. A. Pr. 1010; πρὸς ἐπιθυμίας ἢ ἡδονάς Pl. La. 191e; μ. τῷ λιμῷ, τῷ δίψει, X. Cyr. 3.1.5. c. inf., struggle, make an effort to do, Arist. HA 552a23. of arguments, propositions, etc., to be in contradiction or inconsistent, τρία ὁμολογήματα μ. αὐτὰ αὑτοῖς Pl. Tht. 155b, cf. Plb. 16.28.4; μαχόμενα Phld. Mus. p.95 K., S.E. P. 1.198, al.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

μάχομαι; imperfect 3 person plural Ἐμάχοντο; (allied with μάχαιρα; Curtius, § 459; Vanicek, p. 687; from Homer down); to fight: properly, of armed combatants, or those who engage in a hand-to-hand struggle, Acts 7:26; tropically, of those who engage in a war of words, to quarrel, wrangle, dispute: 2 Timothy 2:24; πρός ἀλλήλους, John 6:52 (cf. Winers Grammar, § 31, 5; Buttmann, § 133, 8); of those who contend at law for property and privileges, James 4:2. (Compare: διαμάχομαι. Synonym: see πόλεμος, b.)

Thayer's Expanded Greek Definition, Electronic Database.
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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

μάχομαι ,

[in LXX chiefly for H7378, also for H5327 ni., etc.;]

1. to fight: Acts 7:26.

2. to quarrel, dispute: 2 Timothy 2:24, James 4:2; πρὸς ἀλλήλους , John 6:52 (cf. δια -μάχομαι ).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

The metaph. use of this verb (cf. s.v. μάχη) is seen in the sententious letter of a brother to his sister, P Oxy I. 120.6 (iv/A.D.) χρὴ γάρ τινα ὁρῶντα αἱαυτὸν ἐν δυστυχίᾳ κἂν ἀναχωρῖν καὶ μὴ ἁπλῶς μάχαισθαι (l. μάχεσθαι) τῷ δεδογμένῳ, ";when a man finds himself in adversity he ought to give way and not fight stubbornly against fate"; (Edd.) : cf. Kaibel 1039.10 κύμασι μάχεσθαι χαλεπόν, and Syll 737.95 (c. A.D. 175) where, with reference to the magistrates appointed to keep order in assemblies, it is laid down—ἐπιτείμια δὲ ἔστω τὰ αὐτὰ τῷ εὐκόσμῳ μὴ ἐκβαλόντι τοὺς μαχομένους. In P Par 18.10 (Imperial age?) we find ἐάν construed with the ind. act. (present or future according to accentuation) ἐὰν μάχουσιν (or μαχοῦσιν) μετ᾽ ἐσοῦ οἱ ἀδελφοί σου, ἔλθε εἰς [τὸν οἶ ]κόν μου : see BS p. 201 f. The verbal ἀμάχητος is found in P Oxy XII. 1482.6 (ii/A.D.) ἀμάχητος ἦν ὁ ἄνεμος, ";the wind was irresistible.";


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
List of Word Forms
εμαχεσάμην εμαχέσαντο εμαχέσατο Εμαχοντο εμάχοντο Ἐμάχοντο μαχεσθαι μάχεσθαι μαχεσθε μάχεσθε μαχομενοις μαχομένοις μαχόμενος μάχωνται μαωζείν Emachonto Emáchonto machesthai máchesthai machesthe máchesthe machomenois machoménois
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