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Strong's #3143 - μαρτύρομαι

middle voice from (G3144)
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  1. to cite a witness, bring forward a witness, call to witness
    1. to affirm be appeal to God, to declare solemnly, protest
  2. to conjure, beseech as in God's name, exhort solemnly
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KJV (4)
Acts 2
Galatians 1
Ephesians 1
NAS (5)
Acts 2
Galatians 1
Ephesians 1
1 Thessalonians 1
HCS (5)
Acts 2
Galatians 1
Ephesians 1
1 Thessalonians 1
BSB (5)
Acts 2
Galatians 1
Ephesians 1
1 Thessalonians 1
ESV (3)
Acts 1
Galatians 1
Ephesians 1
WEB (3)
Acts 1
Galatians 1
Ephesians 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

μαρτύρομαι [],

fut. μαρτῠροῦμαι (δια -) LXX Psalms 81:9(80).9 (cod. Alex.): aor. ἐμαρτῡράμην Pl. Phlb. 47d, App. BC 2.47:

1. call to witness, invoke, c. acc. pers., Antipho 1.29, S. OC 813, etc.; esp. of the gods, Ἄρτεμιν, γαῖαν καὶ θεούς, E. Hipp. 1451, Ph. 626; δαίμονας, ὡς.. Id. Med. 619: c. acc. et inf., ὑμᾶς δ' ἀκούειν ταῦτ' ἐγὼ μαρτύρομαι A. Eu. 643, etc.: c. part., μαρτύρομαι τυπτόμενος I call you to witness that.., Ar. Av. 1031, cf. E. HF 858 (troch.).

2. c. acc. rei, call one to witness a thing, Hdt. 1.44, Ar. Ra. 528, Pl. 932.

3. protest, asseverate, μ. ὅτι.. Id. Nu. 1222, Th. 6.80; ταῦτα Pl. l.c.: abs., μαρτύρομαι I protest, Ar. Ach. 926, Lys. 3.15.

4. c. acc. pers. et gen. rei, οἱ δὲ τῆς τῶν θεῶν.. παραγωγῆς τὸν Ὅμηρον μ. ὅτι.. cite Homer as a witness of.., Pl. R. 364d; ἐμαυτὸν μ. τῆς φιλοτιμίας App. l. c.; μ. τινὶ ὅτι.. Galatians 5:3; τοὺς ἀποστάντας μ. τῆς ἐπιορκίας remind them of.., App. BC 5.129.

Thayer's Expanded Definition

μαρτύρομαι (from μάρτυρ (cf. μάρτυς));

1. to cite a witness, bring forward a witness, call to witness (Tragg., Thucydides, Plato, and following); to affirm by appeal to God, to declare solemnly, protest: ταῦτα, Plato, Phil., p. 47 c.; ὅτι, Acts 20:26; Galatians 5:3.

2. to conjure, beseech as in God's name, exhort solemnly: τίνι, Acts 26:22 L T Tr WH; followed by the accusative with the infinitive, Ephesians 4:17; εἰς τό followed by accusative with an infinitive (cf. Buttmann, § 140, 10, 3), 1 Thessalonians 2:12-11T Tr WH. (Compare: διαμαρτύρομαι, προμαρτύρομαι.)

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

** μαρτύρομαι

(< μάρτυρ ),

[in LXX: Judith 7:28, 1 Maccabees 2:56 א )*;]

to summon as witness (M, Th., 25 f.; Hort., 1Pe., 53 f.; Lft., Notes, 29; Ga 203), hence,

(a) to protest, affirm solemnly: seq. ὅτι , Acts 20:26, Galatians 5:3;

(b) to adjure, beseech: c. dat. pers., Acts 26:22; c. acc et inf., Ephesians 4:17; seq. εἰς , 1 Thessalonians 2:12 (cf. δια -, προ -μαρτύρομαι ).†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

For this verb in its original sense of ";summon to witness"; cf. P Oxy VIII. 1114.83 (A.D. 237) ἐμαρτύρατο τοὺς τόδε τὸ μαρτυροποίημα σφραγίζειν μέλλοντας, ";called to witness the persons about to seal the present affidavit"; (Ed.). From this it is an easy transition to the meaning ";asseverate,"; as in ib. III. 471.64 (ii/A.D.) μαρτύρονται κύριε τὴν σὴν τύχην, ";they swear by your Fortune, my lord,"; and in Mahaffy’s restoration of P Petr II. 4.6 (a).1 (B.C. 200) μαρτύρομαι βασιλέα Πτολεμαῖον. This again passes into ";solemnly charge,"; the translation which Hort (ad 1 Peter 1:11) prefers in 1 Thessalonians 2:12, Ephesians 4:17. According to Lightfoot (ad 1 Thessalonians 2:12; cf. note on Galatians 5:3) μαρτύρομαι is never ";bear witness to"; in the NT any more than in class. Greek, but exx. of this usage can be quoted from the Κοινή, e.g. P Oxy VIII. 1120.11 (early iii/A.D.) κατὰ τοῦτο μαρτύρομαι τὴν βίαν γυνὴ χήρα καὶ ἀσθενής, ";I accordingly testify to his violence, being a feeble widow woman"; (Ed.), P Amh II. 141.17 (A.D. 350) ἐπιδίδωμι τῇ ἐπιεικείᾳ [σο ]υ τάδε τὰ βιβλία [μο ]υ ̣ τοσοῦτο μαρτυραμένη, ";I present this my petition to your excellency, bearing witness to the facts"; (Edd.), P Strass I. 5.14 (iii/A.D.) βι ̣βλ ̣ι ̣α ἐπιδεδώκαμεν τῷ [σ ]τρατηγῷ αὐτὰ ταῦτα μαρτυρόμενοι, and similarly P Thead 21.16 (A.D. 318).


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μαρτυρομαι μαρτύρομαι μαρτυρομενοι μαρτυρόμενοι μαρτυρομενος μαρτυρόμενος marturomai marturomenoi marturomenos martyromai martýromai martyromenoi martyrómenoi martyromenos martyrómenos