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Strong's #2910 - κρεμάννυμι

a prolonged form of a primary verb
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  1. to hang up, suspend
  2. to be suspended, to hang
    1. used of one hanging on a cross
    2. used of the Law and the Prophets, they is summed up or hanging on two precepts
Hebrew Equivalent Words:
Strong #: 2388 ‑ חָזַק (khaw‑zak');  5414 ‑ נָתַן (naw‑than');  8511 ‑ תָּלָא (taw‑law');  8518 ‑ תָּלָה (taw‑law');  
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Matthew 2
Luke 1
Acts 3
Galatians 1
NAS (7)
Matthew 2
Luke 1
Acts 3
Galatians 1
HCS (7)
Matthew 2
Luke 1
Acts 3
Galatians 1
BSB (7)
Matthew 2
Luke 1
Acts 3
Galatians 1
ESV (6)
Matthew 1
Luke 1
Acts 3
Galatians 1
WEB (7)
Matthew 2
Luke 1
Acts 3
Galatians 1
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions


Pl. Lg. 830b, etc.; κρεμ-ύω, Arist. HA 612a10, Thphr. CP 4.3.3; κρεμάω, Arist. Mir. 831a8, Ael. NA 5.3, etc.; κρεμνάω, Demetr. Eloc. 216, Gp. 4.15.15; κρεμάζω, LXX Job 26:7 (v.l. κρεμνῶν): pres. part. κρεμάντες Ath. 1.25d: fut. κρεμάσω [ ] Alc.Com. 8, LXX Genesis 40:19; Att. κρεμῶ, ᾷς, ᾷ, Ar. Pl. 312 (lyr.); κρεμόω Il. 7.83: aor. 1 ἐκρέμᾰσα Ar. Th. 1028, and Lyr. κρέμασα Od. 8.67, Pi. P. 4.192; Dor. inf. κραμάσαι IG 42(1).122.3 (Epid.); pf. κεκρέμᾰκα Corn. ND 17:

Med., aor. inf. κρεμάσασθαι Hes. Op. 629, subj. ἐκ-κρεμάσωμαι AP 5.91 (Rufin.):

Pass., κρέμαμαι, Pi. P. 5.34, Ar. Av. 1387 (also κρεμᾶται Anacreont. 16.17); inf. κρέμασθαι Hp. VM 10, Acut. 30, Antiph. 74.4; subj. κρέμωμαι Hp. Art. 70, Arist. Rh. 1415a13; opt. κρεμαίμην Ar. Ach. 945, V. 298, Nu. 870: impf. ἐκρεμάμην, ω, ατο, Il. 15.21, etc.: fut. κρεμήσομαι in pass. sense, Ar. Ach. 279, V. 808, PCair.Zen. 202.9 (iii B. C.): aor. ἐκρεμάσθην Ar. Th. 1053, etc.: pf. imper. κεκρεμάσθω Apollod. Poliorc. 181.7, v.l. in Archim. Quadr. 13: plpf. κατα-κεκρέμαστο D.S. 18.26. (Cf. κρημνός, Goth. hramjan 'crucify'):


1. hang up, σειρὴν.. ἐξ οὐρανόθεν κρεμάσαντες Il. 8.19; τόξον ἐκ πίτυος A. Fr. 251; ἀπὸ κάλω κ. σαυτόν Ar. Ra. 122; καὶ κρεμόω προτὶ νηόν will bring them to the temple and hang them up there as an offering, Il. 7.83; κ. τινὰ τῶν ὄρχεων Ar. Pl. 312; κ. [τὰς ὗς] τῶν ὀπισθίων σκελῶν by the hind legs, Arist. HA 632a23; κρεμάσας τὸ νόημα, in allusion to Socrates in his basket, Ar. Nu. 229, cf. Alex. 126.17; κρεμάσαι τὴν ἀσπίδα hang up one's shield, i.e. have done with war, Ar. Ach. 58; τὴν πανοπλίαν Id. Av. 436: so in Med., πηδάλιον κρεμάσασθαι hang up one's rudder, i.e. give up the sea, Hes. Op. 629.

2. hang, τινα Arist. Pol. 1311b39, Oec. 1352a11; crucify, Plu. Caes. 2, etc.


1. Pass., to be hung up, suspended, ὅτε τ' ἐκρέμω (2 sg. impf.) ὑψόθεν when thou wert hanging, Il. 15.18, cf. 21; μηδ' ὁ Ταντάλου λίθος τῆσδ' ὑπὲρ νήσου κρεμάσθω Archil. 53; to be hung up as a votive offering, Pi. P. 5.34, cf. Hdt. 1.34, 66, etc.; τὰ σπλάγχνα οἱ δοκέει κρέμασθαι Hp. VM 10; κάτω κρέμανται S. Fr. 431; κρεμήσεται.. ἐπὶ τοῦ παττάλου Ar. V. 808; κ. ἐφ' ἵππων X. An. 3.2.19; ἐκ ποδῶν κατωκάρα κ. Ar. Ach. 945; αἱ μέλιτται κ. ἐξ ἀλλήλων Arist. HA 627b13: metaph., ἀμφὶ φρασὶν ἀμπλακίαι κρέμανται Pi. O. 7.25; μῶμος κρέματαί τινι censure hangs over him, ib. 6.74; δόλιος αἰὼν ἐπ' ἀνδράσι κ. Id. I. 8(7).14; κρέμασθαι ἔκ τινος to be wholly taken up with a thing, Pl. Lg. 831c; ὁ ἐκ τοῦ σώματος κρεμάμενος X. Smp. 8.19.

2. to be hanged, of persons, E. Hipp. 1252, Aristopho 9.10, PCair.Zen. l.c.

3. metaph., to be in suspense, ἵνα μὴ κρέμηται ἡ διάνοια Arist. Rh. 1415a13; κ. [ὁλόγος ] Gal. 18(2).754.

4. = ὀκλάζω, Arat. 65 (ubi v. Sch.).

Thayer's Expanded Definition

κρέμαμαι, see the following word.

STRONGS NT 2910: κρεμάννυμι κρεμάννυμι, also κρεμαννύω (scarcely classic (Veitch, under the word)), κρεμάω κρέμω ( still later (ibid.)), and (the Sept. Job 26:7 and Byzantine writings) κρεμάζω (in the N. T. the present does not occur): 1 aorist ἐκρέμασα; 1 aorist passive ἐκρεμασθην; from Homer down; the Sept. for תָּלָה; to hang up, suspend: τί ἐπί τί (Rec.), περί; τί (L T Tr WH) (εἰς τί, Tdf. editions 2, 7), Matthew 18:6; τινα ἐπί ξύλου, Acts 5:30; Acts 10:39 (Genesis 40:19, 22; Deuteronomy 21:22; Esther 6:4, etc.); simply κρεμασθεις, of one crucified, Luke 23:39. Middle κρέμαμαι (for κρεμαννυμαι, cf. Alexander Buttmann (1873) Ausf. Spr. ii., p. 224); intransitive, to be suspended, to hang: followed by ἐκ with the genitive of the thing, Acts 28:4 (see ἐκ, I. 3): ἐπί ξύλου, of one hanging on a cross, Galatians 3:13; tropically, ἐν τίνι, Matthew 22:40, where the meaning is, all the Law and the Prophets (i. e. the teaching of the O. T. on morality) is summed up in these two precepts. (Compare: ἐκκρέμαμαι.)

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament


(also κρεμαννύω , κρεμάω ; the Pres. is not found in NT),

[in LXX (where also κρεμάζω , Job 26:7) chiefly for H8518;]

trans., to hang, suspend: c. acc pers., seq. ἐπὶ ξύλου , Acts 5:30; Acts 10:39; pass., Luke 23:39; seq. περί , Matthew 18:6. Mid., κρέμαμαι , intrans., to hang: seq. ἐκ , Acts 28:4; ἐπὶ ξύλου , Galatians 3:13 (LXX); metaph., seq. ἐν , Matthew 22:40.†

κρέμαμαι , see κρεμάννυμι .

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

Syll 803.3 (dialect inscr. from Epidaurus—iii/B.C.) τὸ σῶμα κραμάσαι κάτω τὸν τράχαλον ἔχον, Michel 833.107 (B.C. 279) τῶγ κρεμαμένων στεφάνων. For the shortened pass. κρέμαμαι cf. Syll 588.34 (c. B.C. 180) στέφανος χρυσοῦς καὶ στρεπτόν, κρεμάμενα πρὸς τῶι τοίχωι, .201 ἐκ τῆς σεί ]ρας κρεμαμένων. A new compd. εἰσκρεμάννυμι is found in P Lond 964.18 (ii/iii A.D.) (= III. p. 212) ἄλλα μέτρια ἰσκρέμασε ἐς τὸν νυμφῶνα. In P Tebt II. 527 (A.D. 101) mention is made of a κρεμαστὴ ποτιστρέα used for irrigation : for the subst. κρεμαστήρ see P Lips I. 42.19 (end of iv/A.D.). MGr κρεμ (ν), κρεμάζω (trans.), κρέμομαι (intrans.). See also Radermacher Gr. pp. 35 n..2, 81.


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List of Word Forms
εκρέμασα εκρεμάσαμεν εκρέμασαν εκρέμασεν εκρεμάσθη εκρεμάσθησαν κρεμάζων κρεμαμένη κρεμάμενοι κρεμαμενον κρεμάμενον κρεμαμενος κρεμάμενος κρέμανται κρεμάσαι κρέμασαι κρεμασαντες κρεμάσαντες κρεμασάντων κρεμάσει κρεμάσητε κρεμασθεντων κρεμασθέντων κρεμασθη κρεμασθή κρεμασθῇ κρεμασθήναι κρεμασθήτω κρεμάσω κρεμαται κρέμαται kremamenon kremámenon kremamenos kremámenos kremasantes kremásantes kremasthe kremasthē kremasthêi kremasthē̂i kremasthenton kremasthentōn kremasthénton kremasthéntōn krematai krématai