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Strong's #2006 - ἐπιτήδειος

from epitedes (enough)
Parts of Speech
  1. fit, suitable, convenient, advantageous
  2. needful, esp. of the necessities of life
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Verse Results
Liddell-Scott-Jones Definitions

ἐπιτήδ-ειος, α, ον:

Ion. ἐπιτήδ-εος, έη, εον Hdt. 4.158, al. (cf. ἐπιταδεοτρώκτας): Dor. ἐπιτηδ-τάδειος [] SIG 524.36 (Praesus, iii B.C.): regul. Comp. and Sup. -ειότερος, -ειότατος, Th. 4.54, 7.86, etc.; -έστερος, -έστατος, Anon. ap. Suid. s.v., Democr. 121: Ion. -εότερος, -εότατος, Hdt. 9.2, 1.110, al.: (ἐπιτηδές):

I made for an end or purpose, fit or adapted for it, suitable, convenient, νομαί ibid., etc.: Constr.: ἐ. ἔς τι ib. 115 (Sup.), etc.; πρός τι Pl. R. 390b: c. inf., χωρίον -ότατον ἐνιππεῦσαι most fit to ride in, Hdt. 6.102, cf. 9.2 (Comp.), Th. 2.20, Ar. Pax 1228, E. Ba. 508; ἄνδρα -ότατον..δέξαι Hdt. 3.134, cf. Ar. Ec. 79; so ἐ. τῷ σώματι κινδυνεύειν Antipho 5.63; ἐ. ὑπεξαιρεθῆναι convenient to be put out of the way, Th. 8.70; τεθνάναι μᾶλλον ἢ σῴζεσθαι And. 4.25, cf. Lys. 30.24; ἐ. ξυνεῖναι a fit person to live with, E. Andr. 206; also ἐ. ὀστρακισθῆναι deserving to be ostracized, And. 4.36; ἐ. πάσχειν D. 22.57; ἐκλεγόμενος τὸν ἐ. ἔπαισεν ἄν struck him who deserved it, X. An. 2.3.11; but ἐ. ἐς ὀλιγαρχίαν ἐλθεῖν likely or inclined to come, Th. 8.63; also ὑμῖν ἐπιτήδεόν [ἐστι] οἰκέειν Hdt. 4.158, etc.

II useful, serviceable, necessary,

1 of things, ὀλιγαρχία ἐ. τοῖς Λακεδαιμονίοις fit or serviceable for.., Th. 5.81; ἐ. τῷ δήμῳ πράττειν Lys. 13.51; καταστήσειν ἐς τὸ ἐ. to their advantage, Th. 4.76; οὐδὲν ηὕροντο ἐ. no advantage, Id. 1.58; οὐκ ἐ. καταγνῶναί τινος Hdt. 6.97; ἱερὰ οὐκ ἐ., opp. καλά, Id. 9.37: esp. as Subst., τὰ ἐ. things requisite, necessaries, esp. of provisions, Id. 2.174, Th. 2.23, X. HG 2.2.2, etc.: also in sg., what is requisite, needful, Id. Vect. 4.38.

2. of persons, serviceable, friendly, Hdt. 4.72 (Sup.), Th. 3.40; τινί to one, Id. 4.78, Lys. 12.14; ἐ. ποιεῖν τινα And. 4.41; ἐ. τῷ πατρί conformable to his will, Hdt. 3.52; ἐ. τοῖς πρασσομένοις favourable to.., Th. 8.54: also as Subst., a close friend, οἱ ἐ. one's friends, Id. 5.64; Ἀθηναίων ἐ. Id. 7.73; μοι ἐ. καὶ φίλος Lys. 1.22.

3. c. gen., = ἄξιος, SIG 1073.19 (Olympia, ii A.D.).

III Adv. -είως, Ion. -έως,

1. studiously, carefully, ὑπηρετέεσθαι Hdt. 1.108, 4.139.

2. suitably, conveniently, fitly, ποιέειν ἐ. Id. 9.7. β'; ἐ. σφίσιν αὐτοῖς πολιτεύειν Th. 1.19; ἐ. ἔχειν Id. 5.82: Comp. -ότερον Id. 4.54; -οτέρως, διαιτᾶσθαι Hp. Mul. 1.32.

3. ἐ. ἔχειν τινί to be on friendly terms with.., Paus. 3.9.3.

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament

ἐπιτήδειος , -α , -ον ,

[in LXX: 1 Chronicles 28:2, Wisdom of Solomon 4:5, 1 Maccabees 4:46, al.;]

1. suitable, convenient,

2. useful, necessary: τὰ ἐ ., necessaries, James 2:16,†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
Vocabulary of the Greek NT

For τὰ ἐπιτήδεια, ";the necessaries of life,"; as in James 2:16, cf. P Hib I. 110.10 (c. B.C. 270) where payments are made εἰς τὰ ἐπιτήδ [ε ]ι ̣α ̣, and P Lond 1159.3 (A.D. 145–7) (= III. p. 112) ἐπὶ παροχῆς τῶν ἑτοιμαζομε ̣νων ἐπιτηδείων with reference to furnishing provisions and other supplies in view of an impending official visit. See also P Ryl II. 238.5 (A.D. 262) παρασχεῖν τὰ ἐπιτήδια πάντα, ";to provide all that is necessary"; for certain huntsmen, P Giss I. 85.13 τὰ ἐπιτήδια ̣ τῇ σχολῇς (l. σχολῇ), and for the superlative P Oxy III. 472.8 (c. A.D. 130) ὁ υἱὸς ἐπιτηδειότ ̣α ̣τος. P Strass I. 32.13 (A.D. 261) ζυγὸν δὲ ἐνάγων παρά σοι τὸν ἐπιτηδειότερον αὐτῷ παράσχες shows the comparative where the context demands a superlative : see Proleg. p. 78. In P Fay 22.24 (i/A.D.) a husband undertakes to provide for his divorced wife τὰ ἐπειτήδεια, in a manner befitting her rank. The adj. is common along with εὔπορος, e.g. BGU I. 235.12 (ii/A.D. ?) εὐπόρους καὶ ἐπιδηδίο [υς ] (l. ἐπιτηδείους) γνώμῃ καὶ κινδύ [ν ]ων (l.ύνῳ), P Oxy IX. 1187.11 (A.D. 254) [ν ]τα εὔπορον καὶ ἐπιτήδειον, ";being a person of means and suited for the post"; (Ed.), of a phylarch. For the meaning ";convenient"; cf. P Hib I. 83.10 (c. B.C. 258–7) οὐ γὰρ ἐπιτήδειός (l.όν ?) ἐστιν, P Tebt II. 409.11 (A.D. 5) εἰδὼς ὅτι ἐπι ̣τ ̣[ήδιό ]ν [σο ]ι. The adv. may be illustrated by P Oxy VI. 938.6 (iii/iv A.D.) ἠπείχθην καὶ νῦν σοι γράψαι ὅπως αὐτῆς ὥρας γομωσασθῆναι (l. γομωθῆναι) ἐπιτηδείως τὰς σαργάνας ποιήσας ἀποστείλῃς ";I hasten to write to you now once more and beg you instantly to get the baskets properly laden and send them off"; (Edd.), and the subst. ἐπιτήδευμα (common in the LXX) by Vett. Val. p. 73.20 τοὺς δὲ ἐκ τῶν ἐπιτηδευμάτων καρποὺς οὐ λαμβάνουσι.


The Vocabulary of the Greek New Testament.
Copyright © 1914, 1929, 1930 by James Hope Moulton and George Milligan. Hodder and Stoughton, London.
Derivative Copyright © 2015 by Allan Loder.
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επετήδευσεν επιτηδεια επιτήδεια ἐπιτήδεια επιτηδεύμασι επιτηδεύμασί επιτηδεύμασιν επιτηδεύματα επιτηδεύματά επιτηδευμάτων επιτηδεύματων επιτηδεύσεις epitedeia epitēdeia epitḗdeia
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