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Strong's #1082 - Γεννησαρέτ

of Hebrew origin, cf (H3672)
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Gennesaret = "a harp"
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Thayer's Expanded Definition

Γεννησαρέτ (so G T Tr WH), Γεννησαρεθ (Lachmann in Matthew 14:34) (Γενησαρετ Rec. in Mark 6:58; cf. Tdf. edition 2 Proleg., p. xxxv., edition 7 Proleg., p. liv. note{3}) (Targums גֲּנֵיסַר or גִּנּוסַר (according to Delitzsch (Römerbr. in d. Hebrew übers., p. 27) גִּנֵּיסַר, גִּנּוּסַר; Γεννησαρ, 1 Macc. 11:67; Josephus, b. j. 2, 20, 6 etc.; Genesara, Pliny, 5, 15), Gennesaret, a very lovely and fertile region on the Sea of Galilee (Josephus, b. j. 3, 10, 7): γῆ Γεννησαρέτ Matthew 14:34; Mark 6:53; λίμνη Γεννησαρέτ Luke 5:1, anciently כִּנֶּרֶת יָם, Numbers 34:11, or כִּנֲּרות יָם, Joshua 12:3, from the city כִּנֶּרֶת, Deuteronomy 3:17, which was near by; called in the Gospels θάλασσα τῆς Γαλιλαίας, Mark 1:16; Matthew 4:18; θάλασσα τῆς Τιβεριάδος, John 6:1; John 21:1. The lake, according to Josephus, b. j. 3, 10, 7, is 140 stadia long and 40 wide; (its extreme dimensions now are said to average 12 1/4 miles by 6 3/4 miles, and its level to be nearly 700 feet below that of the Mediterranean). Cf. Rüetschi in Herzog v., p. 6f; Furrer in Schenkel ii., p. 322ff; (Wilson in The Recovery of Jerusalem, Part ii.; Robinson, Phys. Geog. of the Holy Land, p. 199ff; BB. DD. For conjectures respecting the derivation of the word cf. Alex.'s Kitto under the end; Merrill, Galilee in the Time of Christ, § vii.).

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Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament


(Rec. Γενησ -, Mk, l.c.; Targum גְּנֵיסַר ),

[in LXX: Γεννησάρ (as in some MSS. Mt, Mk), 1 Maccabees 11:67*;]

Gennesaret, a fertile plain on W. shore of the Sea of Galilee; ἡ γῆ Γ ., Matthew 14:34, Mark 6:53; ἡ λίμνη Γ . (H3672 H3220, Numbers 34:11, elsewhere ἡ θάλασσα τ . Γαλιλαίας , Mark 1:16; ἡ θ . τ . Τιβεριάδος , John 6:1), Luke 5:1.†

Abbott-Smith Manual Greek Lexicon of the New Testament.
Copyright © 1922 by G. Abbott-Smith, D.D., D.C.L.. T & T Clarke, London.
List of Word Forms
Γεννησαρετ Γεννησαρέτ Γεννησαρὲτ Gennesaret Gennesarét Gennesarèt Gennēsaret Gennēsarét Gennēsarèt
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