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Scouts, Boy

1910 New Catholic Dictionary

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A non-sectarian organization of a military type, whose purpose is the development of character and good citizenship in boys; founded in England in 1908 by General Sir Robert Baden-Powell, it soon became international in its development. At present there are nearly 650,000 registered scouts in the United States, divided among over 25,000 troops. The boys range from 12 to 18 years of age, and are in the charge of over 115,000 scout officials, a position considered so important that courses for scout leaders are now included in the curriculum of many colleges. A monthly magazine, "Boys' Life," and a semi-monthly bulletin, "Scouting," for scout officials, are among their publications. The 1921 statistics of the Catholic committee on scouting show an enrollment of nearly 30,000 Catholic boys in troops attached to Catholic churches and Catholic institutions. Benedict XV manifested his approval of the Boy Scouts by bestowing the Apostolic blessing "on all who further the Catholic extension of the Scout movement under the auspices of the ecclesiastical authorities," 1919.

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