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(tal' mehi) Personal name meaning, “plowman,” or else derived from the Hurrian word for big. 1. One of three Anakim (giant, pre-Israelite inhabitants of Canaan) residing in Hebron (Numbers 13:22 ). Caleb (Joshua 15:14 ) and Judah (Judges 1:10 ) are credited with driving the Anakim from Hebron. 2. King of Geshur, father of David's wife Maacah and grandfather of Absalom (2 Samuel 3:3; 1 Chronicles 3:2 ). After Absalom murdered his half brother Amnon, he took refuge with his grandfather (2 Samuel 13:37 ).

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Butler, Trent C. Editor. Entry for 'Talmai'. Holman Bible Dictionary.​dictionaries/​eng/​hbd/​t/talmai.html. 1991.