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Psalms 53

Psalms 53:0*


Folly and Wickedness MT Intro For the choir director. According to Mahalath. A Maskil of David. Folly of the Godless, and Restoration of Israel Condemnation of a Cynical and Unrighteous Age Human Wickedness The Fate of the Godless
Psalms 53:1-3 Psalms 53:1 Psalms 53:1 Psalms 53:1 Psalms 53:1
Psalms 53:2-3 Psalms 53:2 Psalms 53:2-3 Psalms 53:2
Psalms 53:3 Psalms 53:3
Psalms 53:4-6 Psalms 53:4-5 Psalms 53:4 Psalms 53:4 Psalms 53:4
Psalms 53:5 Psalms 53:5 Psalms 53:5
Psalms 53:6 Psalms 53:6 Psalms 53:6 Psalms 53:6

*This Psalm is almost exactly a duplicate of Psalms 14:0, except YHWH has been changed to Elohim. See notes there.

READING CYCLE THREE (see “Guide to Good Bible Reading”)


This is a study guide commentary which means that you are responsible for your own interpretation of the Bible. Each of us must walk in the light we have. You, the Bible, and the Holy Spirit are priority in interpretation. You must not relinquish this to a commentator.

Read the chapter in one sitting. Identify the subjects (reading cycle #3). Compare your subject divisions with the five translations above. Paragraphing is not inspired, but it is the key to following the original author's intent, which is the heart of interpretation. Every paragraph has one and only one subject.

1. First paragraph

2. Second paragraph

3. Third paragraph

4. Etc.

Verses 1-6

NASB (UPDATED) TEXT: Psalms 53:1-3 1The fool has said in his heart, “There is no God,” They are corrupt, and have committed abominable injustice; There is no one who does good. 2God has looked down from heaven upon the sons of men To see if there is anyone who understands, Who seeks after God. 3Every one of them has turned aside; together they have become corrupt; There is no one who does good, not even one.

NASB (UPDATED) TEXT: Psalms 53:4-6 4Have the workers of wickedness no knowledge, Who eat up My people as though they ate bread And have not called upon God? 5There they were in great fear where no fear had been; For God scattered the bones of him who encamped against you; You put them to shame, because God had rejected them. 6Oh, that the salvation of Israel would come out of Zion! When God restores His captive people, Let Jacob rejoice, let Israel be glad.

This Psalm is almost exactly a duplicate of Psalms 14:0, except “YHWH” has been changed to “Elohim.” See notes the exegetical there.

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