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Psalms 41

Verse 1

Psalms 41:1

I. The motive to consideration of the poor. The fundamental element in the motive to care for the poor is the revelation that the poor are the care of God.

II. The kind of consideration demanded. (1) Set plainly before the mind's eye the terrible inequalities of gifts, possessions, culture, advantages, and all that makes the outward joy of life. (2) The man who considers the poor will not believe that God meant life to be anything like this. (3) He will say, It is a solemn part of my duty to mend it. God will have us take on us His ministry to the poor.

III. The blessing in which it fruits, (1) The blessing lies hid in the order of the world. (2) The blessing lies deeper and closer in a warm glow of living joy in our own hearts. (3) Deeper still, it lies in the heart and the hand of God.

F. W. Farrar, Contemporary Pulpit Extra No. 2, 1887.

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