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Verse 20

2 Chronicles 21:20

I. Notice, first, a lesson for parents, which is this: Folly in fathers may become sin in their sons. The pious king Jehoshaphat showed his children a good example, so far as we know, in everything but his love for the society of the ungodly and worldly. He was friendly with Ahab. The children of Jehoshaphat did not leave off where their father did. As Jehoram was not content to be merely on visiting terms with Ahab, but married his daughter, so, if we are not careful, we may take our children where they may choose to stop, instead of going back with us.

II. Another lesson taught by the history of this bad man is this: Our wedding day may be the worst day's work we ever did. It was so with Jehoram. "He had the daughter of Ahab to wife." We cannot marry the houses of Jehoshaphat and Ahab together without bringing new sorrows into the world.

III. He who rebels against God must expect his inferiors to rebel against him. Jehoram died in the bloom of manhood, but he lived long enough to see that "he that soweth iniquity shall reap vanity."

IV. The word of God may become our worst enemy. Elijah wrote a letter to the king, in which he foretold his doom. The sermon we have heard and despised may knot the lash which conscience uses to whip the heart.

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