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Joseph Benson
Joseph Benson

Joseph Benson (1749-1821) was an English Methodist preacher and biblical scholar who is best known for his extensive work as a commentator on the Bible. Benson was born in the small village of Melmerby in Yorkshire, England, on July 25, 1749. He grew up in a Methodist family, and his parents instilled in him a strong sense of religious devotion and love for the Scriptures.

In his early years, Benson worked as a teacher and a lay preacher in the Methodist movement, and his preaching quickly gained a reputation for its depth, insight, and practical application. In 1777, he was ordained as a Methodist minister, and over the next four decades, he served as an itinerant preacher, traveling throughout England, Scotland, and Ireland to spread the gospel message.

Throughout his career as a preacher, Benson remained deeply committed to the study of the Bible, and he soon developed a reputation as a skilled biblical scholar. In 1791, he published his first major work, a commentary on the Book of Job, which was well-received by both Methodist and non-Methodist readers.

Over the next several years, Benson continued to publish commentaries on other books of the Bible, including Genesis, Isaiah, and the New Testament Gospels. His commentaries were characterized by their clear and practical exposition of the Scriptures, as well as by their reliance on the original Hebrew and Greek texts to provide a more accurate understanding of the biblical message.

Benson's most significant work was his six-volume commentary on the entire Bible, which he began publishing in 1811. This comprehensive work represented the culmination of his many years of study and reflection on the Scriptures, and it remains a valuable resource for biblical scholars and lay readers alike.

In addition to his work as a preacher and commentator, Benson was also a strong advocate for social justice and reform, and he was known for his efforts to promote the abolition of slavery and the improvement of working conditions for laborers.

Joseph Benson died on February 16, 1821, at the age of 71. His legacy as a preacher, scholar, and social reformer continues to be celebrated by Methodists and Christians around the world, and his commentaries on the Bible remain a valuable resource for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Scriptures.

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