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Psalms 43

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


This Psalm is so much like the former, that it appears more like a continuation of it, than a new one. Here are the devout cries of a soul to be led by the Spirit to God, and for faith to rest upon God.

Psalms 43:1

We shall, through grace, take a most effectual method to enter into the spirit of this short but sweet Psalm, if we keep an eye upon Christ while we go through it. If a child of God may he supposed here to rest his cause with God against the ungodly, how much more interesting is it to consider Jesus as addressing his Father, on the unmerciful and cruel usage of his own people; who, when he came to them as his own, loaded him with scorn and derision, until at length they nailed him to the cross?

Verse 2

And here again, while we contemplate God, in all cases of the members of Christ's body, as the God of their strength, all-sufficient and all-effectual to save; we may still, in a more peculiar manner, behold Jehovah as the strength of the Redeemer in the days of his flesh, carrying him, agreeably to his covenant engagements, through all his trials. Psalms 89:19-21 .

Verses 3-4

What a devout fervour is here put forth for the leadings of God's Holy Spirit! And what a blessed object is proposed; for the enjoyment of spiritual light and gracious leadings! Is not Jesus our New Testament altar? And is he not the God of our exceeding joy? Reader, if Jesus be our New Testament altar, as the scriptures plainly testify he is, that sacred name should not be given to any place, however set apart and made solemn for divine service by men. I would call the communion table the communion or ordinance table, or the table of the Lord, but not the altar of the Lord; for Christ alone is the altar, and sacrifice, and everlasting Priest.

Verse 5

This is a beautiful repetition of what had been said in the foregoing Psalm, in which the humble Petitioner expostulates with his own heart on the unreasonableness of his distrust. He here does what the Lord, commanded to be done by his servant the prophet, stirring himself up to take hold of God's strength, to find peace, and comfort, and security in God, and which God saith he saith he shall find. Isaiah 27:5 .


BLESSED Jesus! amidst all the exercises of my mind, either from the oppressions of men, the persecutions of the enemy, or the unbelief and corruption of my own heart, let my soul be looking unto thee. Thou hast been, and still art; the refuge of all thine exercised family, and in thee alone repose is found for every weary, tried, and afflicted soul. And I beseech thee, Lord, by the sweet influences of thy spirit; lead me, and bring me to thyself. Thou art my hiding place, my altar, my sacrifice; my all in all. Most blessed shall I be while I behold myself secretly and mysteriously hid and secured in thy person and righteousness. For what shall come nigh to assault me when thou art my sanctuary and refuge?

Fie, my soul! wherefore didst thou doubt? Who ever put his trust in Jesus and was confounded? Who ever committed, himself for acceptance with God the Father to the blood and righteousness of his dear Son, and was sent empty away? Oh! for grace to adopt these precious words, and this well founded resolution in divine strength, which thousands have done before, and thousands have found efficacy in, Hope thou in God, O my soul, for I shall yet praise him, who is the health of my countenance, and my God.

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