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Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary

Psalms 131

Verse 1


This short but sweet Psalm speaks the humblings of the soul, induced by grace, and taking confidence in the Lord's mercy.

A Song of Degrees of David.

Psalms 131:0

It is a paradox to men of the world, but the fact is undeniable; that the soul when most humble is most bold; he that is most depressed, is most exalted; most empty, and yet most full. For he that hath the lowest views of his own merit, hath the highest views of Christ. And he that hath learned the first lesson in the school of grace to be most humbled under a sense of sin, will be most bold to plead Christ and his righteousness. Neither can a child of God be properly prepared to receive out of Christ's fulness, until he is self-emptied, and comes with nothing, that he may receive all. The figure of a weaned child is beautifully chosen to represent this; for, as our Lord taught, except we be weaned, and become as little children, desirous to be taught everything, because we know nothing; we shall be wayward and perverse as babes at the full breast of an indulgent mother. Matthew 18:8 . Lord, give me this weaned state, that I may hang upon the God of Israel, even a God in Christ forever!

Verse 3


BLESSED Lord Jesus! whenever we think of humbleness, to whom shall we look for the brightest illustration of it, but to thee. Here, Lord, as in all things excellent, thou hast also the pre-eminency! Impart to my soul large portions of this grace, I beseech thee, O Lord; and let the same mind be in me which was also in thee. And the larger portions thou givest to me of this grace, they will work in me more exalted views of thy glory. Let me often think both of thy humiliation, in first taking our nature: and then of thy humiliation in looking upon me, visiting me, and forming thyself in my heart, the hope of glory. Oh! for grace thus to look to Jesus until every faculty of my soul be humbled to the dust before thee, and every power of my heart goes forth in praises to thee, the God of my salvation.

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Hawker, Robert, D.D. "Commentary on Psalms 131". "Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary". 1828.