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Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary

Psalms 112

Verse 1


This is another of the Hallelujah psalms, wherein is described the blessedness of the perfect man, in himself and seed; with all the effects resulting from his righteousness.

Psalms 112:1

To whom shall we direct our view for the character here described, but to the ever-blessed Jesus? Of him alone, in strict truth, can the things here spoken of, be said. Jesus did indeed say, and Jesus alone could say it: I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart; that is, as the margin of our old Bibles have it, in the midst of my bowels, folded up in my very nature: indeed the whole nature itself. For that holy thing, as the angel called him before his conception, was holy, harmless, undefiled, separate from sinners, and made higher than the heavens. And all this, remember, Reader, is spoken of Jesus in his human nature; which human nature is united to the uncreated Word; and both form one Christ. Oh! the unspeakable joy for a poor conscious sinner to contemplate his Saviour, his Surety, his Jesus, thus holy; and that this holiness is his, in which he always appears before God, and is thereby always accepted in the Beloved. Reader, pray turn to those blessed scriptures in confirmation: Psalms 40:8 ; Luke 1:35 ; Hebrews 7:26 ; John 1:14 ; Ephesians 1:5-6 .

Verse 2

If the Reader wishes, as well he may, to know who are the seed of this blessed man, let him consult Galatians 3:29 . And if he wishes to know also what blessings they are entitled to, let him further consult the word of God in such scriptures as these: Genesis 12:3 , compared with Galatians 3:8 ; Isaiah 59:21; Isaiah 59:21 .

Verse 3

The best comment upon this verse is what Christ, under the character of Wisdom (a well-known title of Christ) saith, Proverbs 8:21 ; 1 Corinthians 1:24 .

Verses 4-9

If we read these verses, first, as spoken of Christ; and, second/y, in him, as having respect to all his people; we shall he sure to include all the views which may be taken of them, and they will then afford a sweet savour of Jesus in the soul. Whoever goes over the life and ministry of Christ, in the days of his flesh (and a believing soul would wish to have this for his constant meditation), he will discover great beauties explanatory of what is here said. Indeed, I cannot see how any believer can read such portions of God's word as these, with any comfort from any personal interest in what is spoken, unless Christ be constantly kept in view, through the whole. For example: supposing we read without an eye to Jesus, what is here said; what saint alive can discover light arising out of darkness? Of whom shall it be said, with the smallest consistency of truth, that he is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous? And in short, of all the distinguishing properties here marked, what son or daughter of Adam can, in himself, lay claim to such excellency? But if we read what is here said, as of Jesus fulfilling all righteousness for his people, and that in his righteousness they as the members of his body, are righteous; he being made of God to them, wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption; the beauty and glory of the psalm then appears in all its fulness, and the savour of Jesus's name is as ointment poured forth. 1 Corinthians 1:30 ; Song of Solomon 1:3 .

Verse 10

An awful verse, this! But oh! how tremendously awful when fulfilled. The seed of the serpent, all along, are thus described. John 8:44 . And, Reader, do remark the dreadful punishment, in the desire of the wicked perishing. The very desire of such, be it what it may, shall be their misery. Oh! who can calculate the extent of that sin, and that misery connected with it, of despising Christ; the one, the only one ordinance of heaven for sinners! There is salvation in no other. The neglect of it, and the despising of it, brings on finally, in the soul, wonder, and perishing. Acts 13:41; Acts 13:41 .


PRECIOUS Jesus! while my soul unceasingly beholds thee, in thy divine nature, as one with the Father, over all, God blessed forever, give me grace, in the perusal of sweet scriptures, like this psalm, to behold thee with an equal delight, as the man, the very man, Christ Jesus. For hadst thou not condescended to leave the bosom of the Father, and taken upon thee the nature of man, never could my poor nature have been taken into the family of God in Christ, and been made a child of God by adoption and by grace. It was thy wonderful undertaking that first led to this hope. Thou, becoming a very man, in order to become the sinner's Surety, and in the holiness of thy nature fulfilling all righteousness, and satisfying both thy Father's law and justice in our place and room: this, and this, alone, created hope and confidence in the souls of thy people. Lost as they all were in themselves, and totally incapable of doing one act of perfect obedience towards God, yet when in the same nature thou camest to fulfil all righteousness, and became sin for us, when thou knewest no sin, that we might be made the righteousness of God in thee; here faith, taught by the Holy Ghost, was encouraged to look up, and to see how God can be just and yet the justifier of poor ungodly sinners, who believe in Jesus. Yes, blessed Lord, in thee we behold a suitable righteousness, a complete, a covenant, an everlasting righteousness! And what endears it to every true believer's heart, is, that this righteousness is our own in thee; for thou art our Husband, our Head, our Surety, our Jesus. God our Father hath declared himself well pleased in thee; and thy people are beheld and accepted in thee. It is thou thyself, blessed Jesus, hast said it: the word is gone out of thy mouth, neither wilt thou have it to return: thou hast said that thou art one with thy people, and they one with thee; and that the world may know that the Father hath loved them, as the Father hath loved thee! And shall not my soul everlastingly rejoice in knowing thee, and loving thee, as the man Christ Jesus? Shall not I unceasingly behold thee, in thy one person, God and Man united? And shall not I sing this sweet psalm, beginning with Hallelujah, because Jesus, the God-man, hath feared the Lord, and greatly delighted in his commandments; because his seed shall be mighty in his might, and righteous in his righteousness; and because Jesus will cause them to inherit substance, and fill all their treasures? Oh blessed, forever blessed! be the Lord Jehovah, Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, for Jesus Christ.

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