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Micah 2

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Verse 1


The Chapter opens with the same melancholy relation as the former. But several sweet views of Christ arise here and there as we prosecute the contents; and in the close we have a lovely manifestation of the Redeemer under one of his divine offices.

Verses 1-2

We have here the continuance of the same subject; the Lord's charge against Israel. It is not the nations around, but Israel, against whom the Lord pleads. Sin in God's people becomes exceeding sinful.

Verses 3-6

When we consider the Lord's dealings with Israel, we cannot sufficiently lament their depravity. Other nations of the earth, which knew not the Lord, we behold with a different aspect to that of the seed of Jacob. A family like this, so blessed, so fed, so taught, and so protected! What apology can be made for their apostacy! surely every beholder must be astonished!

Verses 7-9

Do not forget, Reader, nor overlook the sweet feature of grace here appearing. Though unworthy, degenerate, and fallen, still Jacob is reminded of his name, and called upon to recollect, that Him with whom is the residue of the Spirit, is not straitened, limited, or confined. Reader! I have found this thought precious under all heart-straitenings in prayer; the Spirit of the Lord is not straitened. Jesus still lives, still appears as a Lamb slain in the midst of the throne, and ever acts as the Intercessor of his people!

Verse 10

I would read this verse by itself, because I humbly conceive, that it is not connected with what went before, neither in what follows. And moreover, I think it is a blessed verse, suitable to be read with every Chapter in the Old Testament and the New. Is it not indeed the call of God the Spirit to every awakened soul, to come up out of all the unsatisfying things around, and to behold them as they all are, in reality proposing nothing to satisfy the desires, or to answer the expectations of an immortal soul. All, all is polluted. Doth the Reader ask; and what is not? I will beg to answer him by sending him to his Bible, in a few passages, for they will lead to others; and I love to send all serious inquiring souls to the fountain head in the word of God. See Isaiah 28:12 ; Psalms 116:7 ; Matthew 11:28-30 .

Verse 11

Here is a very awful scripture. The Lord alone knows in how many instances it may be daily fulfilling. Alas! when false teachers are given to a people of a deluded mind, what a state must that people be in!

Verse 12

Remark, Reader, in the worst of times, how the Lord is richly giving out sweet promises concerning the Lord Jesus Christ to his people. For to whom is the gathering of the people to be, but to the Lord Jesus Christ? And observe the expression, all of Jacob; not an hoof, as Moses told Pharaoh, should be left behind. Exodus 10:26 . Bozrah was a place remarkable for cattle. And therefore under this figure is shown what a multitude of Israel shall be assembled. Sweet thought! Christ's fold is many. John saw in his day, already in glory, a multitude which no man could number. And who shall say what a vast accession since? Revelation 7:9 .

Verse 13

Here is a verse concerning the Lord Jesus, which it would take the whole of life to go over every part and explain; and after all, numberless beauties pointing to the Lord Jesus in it would be left unexplored and unknown. That by the breaker is meant the Lord Jesus Christ, the general consent of all commentators have agreed. The name seems to be taken from Pharez, meaning a breach. See Genesis 38:29 . And Christ is come up in the everlasting counsel of Jehovah, in his glorious Mediatorial character, as a Repairer of the breach of his people. Isaiah 58:12 . And in this view it is most blessed to behold Christ, and to remark how he corresponds in every point to this character. He indeed came up before his people, when he arose at the call of Jehovah, in the infinite mind, as the Holy One of Israel, the Maker, and Redeemer thereof. And as in the eternal counsels he thus appeared the glorious Head and Representative of his body the Church; so in time his goings were for the salvation of his people. Micah 5:2 ; Habakkuk 3:13 . Through the whole of the scripture history before his incarnation; who but Jesus came up as the sum and substance of every type, shadow, and figure; both before the law, and under the law, and the Prophets? And when at his miraculous conception, birth, and ministry, death and resurrection; he manifested himself under each, and every particular, as the Lord Our Righteousness; who but Jesus came up, and went before his people in all the glorious offices which testified to his character? And who but Jesus broke asunder the bars and gates of death, when he arose from the dead, and conquered the grave in its own territories, for his people? Who but Jesus broke up the clouds, when in his ascension he returned to take possession of the kingdom of heaven, for his people? And who but Jesus is it that now goeth before his redeemed every act of grace, and enables them in his power to break up and break through every difficulty that would impede their way to glory; and as this blessed scripture saith, are passed through the gate, and are gone out by it? We hail thee, O thou Almighty Breaker! thou art indeed all this and infinitely more to thy people; for thou art the Lord Our Righteousness!


READER! from the perusal of this truly gospel Chapter, behold the gracious provision made for you, for me, for all that are of the house of Jacob, spiritually considered; the Spirit of the Lord is not straitened, neither the power of the Almighty Breaker diminished! Everything around us, in us, and about us, join the Prophet's cry; arise ye and depart, for this is not your rest because it is polluted. Surely then we must desire a better country, that is an heavenly. And blessed be our God, there is not only prepared for us a better country, but Jesus, our Almighty Breaker, hath broken up, and gone before, and taken possession of it in our name, that as he is there, we may be also. Precious Lord Jesus, we pray thee break through for thy people all that would oppose our following thee! Break for us all the chains of sin, all the devices of Satan, and quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. And do thou, Almighty Lord, break in us all the remaining power of indwelling corruption, and open our prison frames, and prison doors, and bring us out into the glorious liberty wherewith thou makest thy people free. Then shall we, in thy strength, trample over all the power of the enemy, and be made more than conquerors through thy grace helping us. Yea, we shall then pass through the gate, and go out by it; Jesus our King is before us, and our Lord on our head.

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Hawker, Robert, D.D. "Commentary on Micah 2". "Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary". 1828.