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Jeremiah 33

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


The Prophet prophesied in the prison. The Lord confirms the word of Jeremiah. Many gracious promises are mingled with God's determined judgments in this Chapter.

Verses 1-9

Some of Paul the Apostle's sweetest Epistles and preaching was when he was shut up in prison: witness to the Church of the Philippians, and his preaching to the jailor, Acts 16:0 . And certainly Jeremiah in this and the former Chapter, hath given a most eminently sweet savour of the unction of his ministry.

Verses 10-13

I pass over many beauties in those verses, which would furnish out much room for the most delightful meditation, in order to beg the Reader's attention to that most interesting part, which so plainly and so fully points to the Lord Jesus. Of whom can the Prophet be supposed to speak concerning him that telleth the flocks, but the Lord Jesus Christ? Was it not He that took down their names in the everlasting covenant, when he bargained for their redemption, and when he received them from the Father? Did he not say, in the days of his flesh, that all the Father had given him should come to him? And indeed, was he not engaged to give eternal life to as many as the Father had given him? Surely the words can be interpreted in no other sense. And I pray the Reader, as a further confirmation to remark, that the flocks are here said to pass again, under the hands of him that telleth them, which is without doubt, a positive proof, that they had passed before. So much to the purpose is this one glorious scripture; and so blessed in the confirmation of the rich mercy of God in Jesus Christ!

Verses 14-16

I pray the Reader to compare this scripture with what was said to the same purport in Jer 1-52 and let the Reader pause over the blessedness of both, and remark from both, how much these grand things lay upon the heart of Jehovah. And I beseech the Reader not to overlook the varied expression in this passage, from that which was before. Here it is, She that is said to be called the Lord our Righteousness. And there it was He, who was to be known by that name. And wherefore is it so altered, but to show and prove also, that as the Lord Jesus, as the Husband and Head of his Church and people, becomes the Lord our Righteousness! so the Church as wife, interested and bearing part in all that belongs to him, takes his name also. Reader! the truth of this is undeniable, and the preciousness and blessedness is beyond all calculation. See these scriptures in confirmation: Isaiah 49:3 where Christ takes the Church's name. And 1 Corinthians 12:12 and Jeremiah 23:16 as well as here the Church is called by the Lord's name. And from such a communication of names and interest, a oneness and union becomes undeniable.

Verses 17-18

I do not presume to decide, but I would venture to enquire, is not the Lord Jesus, both in his royal and in his priestly offices, pointed out here?

Verses 19-26

We have here two short, but sweet Sermons of the Prophet, and both to the same amount, by way of confirming the word. The Lord appeals to his original Covenant made after the flood, by way of assuring the Church of his mercy. If the Covenant of day and night cease, then, and not before, may the seed of our spiritual David tremble for their captivity. Genesis 8:21-22 .

Verse 26


SWEET and blessed are the great truths of a Covenant God in Christ, which are contained in this Chapter! May the soul both of the Writer and Reader, through grace, enter into the full enjoyment of them. And as it was here with the Church in her deep affliction, so is it in all ages with the Church under her exercises; the salvation by her Lord remains, while her transgressions testify against her. The Lord will cleanse his people from their iniquity, and will turn back their captivity, and will pardon all their sins for his own great name's sake.

My soul! do thou be sure take part in these sweet promises, from the sure interest thou hast in Jesus. It is for his sake, and for his sake alone these mercies are secure. And be thou looking forward, with an holy joy, founded in the confidence of his righteousness, that Jesus will come to call all his redeemed to him, for all and every one, one by one, must pass again under his hand that telleth them. He hath once received them from his Father, and they are the purchase of his blood, and the conquest of his Spirit; and therefore, he will take effectual care that not one of them shall be found wanting, when he maketh up his jewels. Hail then, thou blessed dearest Jesus! This is the name whereby thy Church, from being one with thee, shall be called, the Lord our Righteousness! God will confirm his Covenant, and perform the truth to Jacob, and the mercy to Abraham, which he hath sworn unto our fathers, from the days of old.

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