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Jeremiah 14

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


It should seem that the Prophet's preaching, and his types, were followed by a famine. He takes notice of it in this Chapter, and mourns over it. The Lord is not intreated to remove it. Lying prophets deceive the people concerning it.

Verses 1-6

We have here an account of the famine, which by the parallel history took place in the reign of Jehoiakim; probably just before the captivity. Jeremiah had mourned for the good king Josiah; see 2 Chronicles 35:25 and in the succeeding reign, it is supposed, that this famine followed. The Prophet appears to have lamented it in his Lamentations 2:0 . The Lord not unfrequently sends after his word, afflictions; that both may under his grace, operate together.

Verses 7-9

Nothing can be more beautiful and expressive, than this prayer of the Prophet. First, he confesses sin: Leviticus 26:0 . Secondly, he takes hold of the best and only argument for forgiveness; God's covenant promises in his name; that is, in Christ. Psalms 106:8 ; Isaiah 43:25 . Thirdly, he pleads the merits of the Saviour. Isaiah 45:21-22 . And lastly, he observes the union the Lord had with, and interest in, his people. Joshua, ages before, had pleaded the same, and found success, Joshua 7:8-9 . Reader! do not overlook these pleas, for they are unanswerable; in the hour of distress Jehovah's name's sake, is the one glorious cause, of all our rich mercies, in Christ; Ezekiel 36:32 .

Verses 10-12

These are solemn scriptures: and awful is it, when the Lord restrains prayer in his people, by withholding the spirit of grace and supplication. But we find in scripture beautiful instances, where the Lord still encourages his people to plead with him; when seemingly he is coming forth as an enemy. Witness Jacob's wrestling with the angel, Genesis 32:24-30 . Moses also, still pleads, Exodus 32:10-14 . And what a lovely example is that, of the woman of Canaan with our Lord, Matthew 15:22-28 .

Verses 13-22

Faithful ministers cannot but feel grief at the conduct of false teachers, who prophecy smooth things, and prophecy deceit. Jeremiah had to encounter with many in his days, of this description and no age of the Church hath ever been free of them. But God's faithfulness is not impeached, nor lessened by the deceitfulness of men. His people are commanded to go to the word, to the law, and to the testimony, for evidences of the truth: Isaiah 8:20 . What a gracious prayer the Prophet here offers. Oh! that all ministers would find grace to follow his example. Zion never needed it more than now!

Verse 22


READER! we cannot make a better improvement of this precious Chapter, than by following up the example the Prophet hath here left us, both in times of public calamity, and private visitation; in besieging a throne of grace upon the same ground, and pleading for mercy on the same arguments, as the Prophet here useth. Sit down and ponder over the many strong and unanswerable pleas, every poor sinner hath in this one cause of holy confidence, the name of Jehovah. The covenant purposes, counsel, will, declaration of Jehovah. Moreover, his unchangeable promises, founded in his own free and eternal love. To these add the word, the oath, those immutable things of Jehovah, in which it is impossible for God to lie. Then open at the same time, the infinite volume of grace, in the Person, work, blood, grace, spirit, and righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Call in yet further to your aid, the person, offices, and eternal grace of God the Holy Ghost. And when these grand and glorious truths are fully impressed upon the mind; sit down and devise names if you can find them to misery and sin, in all the various shapes of it: and see if there be not found somewhat in those blessed views of the Almighty covenanters, to answer and satisfy all. Oh! thou the hope of Israel I would say, both for myself and Reader: Oh thou art both the hope and Saviour thereof: why shouldst thou be as a stranger in the land, as a wayfaring man, that turneth aside to tarry but for a night, and takest no interest in the concerns of thy people; Do not abhor us for thy Name's sake: do not disgrace the throne of thy glory?

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