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1 Chronicles 20

Hawker's Poor Man's CommentaryPoor Man's Commentary

Verse 1


This Chapter contains a further account of the wars of David. Rabbah is besieged and taken. The Philistines are again overthrown.

Verses 1-3

The Reader will recollect the circumstances which are here related have been before noticed, and with more particulars in 2 Samuel 11:0 and 2 Samuel 12:0 . I refer therefore to the account there given. I would only desire the Reader to recollect, that while Joab was thus engaged at Rabbah, this was the sad period when David was falling into the fool sin of adultery at Jerusalem. It is remarkable, however, that though the relation of that sin is immediately connected with the account of the war at Rabbah in the book of Samuel, yet it is not inserted here. Perhaps as it said there on David's confession, the Lord hath put away thy sin, the Holy Ghost thought proper not to record it in the Chronicles, which was written so many years after. Sweet thought to the poor sinner, whose sins are blotted out, when the times of refreshing are come from the presence of the Lord. So saith one prophet, and the same is confirmed by another. The sin of Judah shall not be found, saith Jeremiah, Jeremiah 1:19 . And the Prophet Micah adds, the Lord will cast all their sins into the depths of the sea. Micah 7:19 .

Verses 4-8

We had the account of these battles before related. 2 Samuel 21:18-22 . In addition to the observations there made, I would only detain the Reader just to remark, that whether giants, or men of little statue, no weapon, nor instrument, nor creature, can prosper against Jesus, our spiritual David, and his servants in him. Every tongue that riseth in judgment against them the Lord will condemn. Oh! sweet and soul-reviving thought! Hence the believer may exult and say, Rejoice not against me, O mine enemy, when I fall I shall arise, when I sit in darkness the Lord shall be a light unto me. Micah 7:8 .

Verse 8


BEHOLD, Reader! how the Ammonites were brought under with harrows of iron, and with axes. A lively representation how ill it will fare with the enemies of our spiritual David, when they shall be brought under his dominion. For the knee that will not bend to the sceptre of his grace, shall be broken under the iron rod of his justice. Oh! for grace to kiss the Son lest he be angry with unhumbled sinners, for their long standing out against the word of his gospel, and they perish from the right way. If his wrath be kindled, yea but a little, blessed are all they that put their trust in him.

Let me contemplate, in the crown of Ammon put upon the head of David, with all the precious stones in it, the sure presage that our Jesus must be crowned even in the presence of his enemies. And they who would not have this glorious man Christ Jesus to reign over them, shall be brought before him for destruction. Yes! thou precious Jesus! thy people shall see thee as the beloved Apostle saw thee, on thine head many crowns. The crown of thine eternal Godhead; the crown of thy Mediatorial kingdom. The crown of victory over all thine enemies. The crown of redemption for every poor sinner thou hast brought home to thy kingdom. And dearest Lord, amidst so many crowns shall not there be one more conspicuously great and illustrious as it will appear to my eye, and as it concerns my redemption, even the crown which I, a poor, ransomed, hell-deserving sinner, do now with joy unspeakable and full of delight, put upon thy sacred head, in ascribing the whole, and every part, from beginning to end, of my redemption from sin and Satan, my own dreadfully wicked heart, and a world of wickedness all around, to thee, my glorious, gracious, Almighty Redeemer, Jesus! for thou wast slain, and hast redeemed me to God by thy blood.

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Hawker, Robert, D.D. "Commentary on 1 Chronicles 20". "Hawker's Poor Man's Commentary". https://studylight.org/commentaries/eng/pmc/1-chronicles-20.html. 1828.
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