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Psalms 91

Peake's Commentary on the BiblePeake's Commentary

Verses 1-16

XCI. God Protects His Own.

Psalms 91:1 f. Read perhaps “ Blessed is he that dwelleth,” “ that abideth,” “ that saith of Yahweh.”

Psalms 91:3 . noisome pestilence: read, “ from the pit of destruction.” The pestilence is mentioned with greater fullness ( Psalms 91:6).

Psalms 91:5 . The arrow may be a metaphor for the sun-stroke.

Psalms 91:9 . Read, “ For as for thee, Yahweh is thy refuge.” We thus avoid an intolerable confusion of persons.

Psalms 91:13 a. Read, “ Thou shalt tread on the creeping thing and adder.”

The poet holds the view common among the Jews in the second century B.C. The righteous are rewarded with material prosperity, especially long life. The prosperity of the bad is precarious.

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