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Psalms 6

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Verses 1-10

VI. A Righteous Man’ s Prayer in Distress.— ( a) Notice ( Psalms 6:1-7) the recognition of the fact that suffering is not always the proof of guilt and of God’ s wrath. Sometimes it is sent to prove, correct, and purify the righteous. So here 1, Psalms 66:8-12, Job 6:17, and especially Proverbs 3:11 f.*

( b) Reward or penalty, if they come at all, must, according to the general teaching of the Psalter, come in this life; the life beyond the grave is scarcely worthy of the name. The dead are gathered together in the subterranean pit of Sheol. They are cut off from the light of the world, and above all, from the light of God’ s presence and from communion with Him. See Psalms 30:9; Psalms 88:10-12; Psalms 115:17, Isaiah 38:18.

( c) Yahweh has heard the Psalmist’ s prayer and will grant it still more by defeating his enemies ( Psalms 6:8-10).

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Peake, Arthur. "Commentary on Psalms 6". "Peake's Commentary on the Bible ". 1919.