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Peake's Commentary on the Bible

Psalms 56


Psalms 42-83 are Elohistic, i.e. they use the word God (Elohim) and avoid the proper name Yahweh, probably from motives of reverence. Here and there, however, the name Yahweh has crept into the text by a natural slip of the scribes.

Verses 1-13

LVI. A Prayer against Strong, Numerous, and Crafty Foes.

Psalms 56:2 . For “ enemies” read “ they that lie in wait for me” ( mg.) , proudly: read “ bitterly.”

Psalms 56:4 . Will praise his word, i.e. the fulfilment of His promise. The fulfilment comes, of course, “ through God.” The verse recurs in Psalms 56:10 f., which is probably its original place since it cannot be a refrain. It has been anticipated here by a mistake of the scribe.

Psalms 56:6 b, c, Psalms 56:7 a. Read, with slight change in text, “ As for them that watch for my footsteps, since they have hoped for my death, even so requite them according to their iniquity.”

Psalms 56:7 b. For “ peoples” read, by changing only one letter, “ strong” or “ bold.” Nations were not concerned in the petty espionage which the Ps. describes.

Psalms 56:8 . tellest, i.e. “ countest” ( Genesis 15:5 *). Yahweh preserves the tears of the godly that He may remember and revenge them.

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