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Bible Commentaries

Peake's Commentary on the Bible

Numbers 7

Verses 1-9

Numbers 7:1-9 . Offerings of Wagons and Oxen for the Transport of the Tabernacle.— The offerings here mentioned are represented as having been made immediately after the erection of the Tabernacle (1), so that the date implied is a month earlier than that of ch. 1, though the census there described is here presupposed (2) . The wagons were to be used only for the conveyance of the hangings and woodwork of the Tabernacle. The Ark, as being more sacred, could only be borne by the Kohathites upon their shoulders. The idea that this, with the other contents of the Tabernacle, was too holy to be transported in wagons, and might be carried only on the shoulders of consecrated Levites, seems to have really been a post-Mosaic development. Even in David’ s time the Ark was conveyed in a cart ( 2 Samuel 6:3); but the death that befell Uzzah ( 2 Samuel 6:6 f.) tended to augment feelings of awe in respect of it, which led to other arrangements ( cf. 2 Samuel 6:13; 2 Samuel 15:24).

Verses 10-89

Numbers 7:10-89 . Offerings of Vessels, Animals, and other Materials for Use in Sacrifice.— The weights of each charger, bowl, and spoon (or cup) presented by the several princes were about 60, 33, and 4¾ oz. respectively.

Numbers 7:10 . for the dedication: better ( mg.), “ the dedication gift” ; and so in Numbers 7:11; Numbers 7:84; Numbers 7:88.

Numbers 7:89. This verse is incomplete at both its beginning and its close; for the words “ with him” must refer to Yahweh, who is not mentioned in the preceding context, whilst the statement “ he spake unto him” is not followed (as might be expected) by any speech.

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