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Bible Commentaries

Peake's Commentary on the Bible

Joshua 7

Verses 1-26

VII. Achan’ s Trespass, Israel’ s Defeat, Achan’ s Punishment.

Joshua 7:1 . The name should probably be Achar. The narrative presents no difficulties till the end of the chapter, where Achan’ s punishment is recorded.

Joshua 7:2 . Ai: probably 2 miles SE. of Bethel (p. 31).

Joshua 7:9 . And what wilt thou do for (or on account of) thy great name? The meaning is that if Israel is destroyed there will be none to worship Yahweh; an interesting example of the ancient belief in the close connexion between the deity and his worshippers.—

Joshua 7:19 . Give . . . Lord: i.e., tell the truth, cf. John 9:24.— A. S. P.].

Joshua 7:24 . The text has undergone considerable alteration. Originally, as the Heb. shows, the clause ran, “ And Joshua took Achan the son of Zerach and all Israel with him and brought him to the valley of Achor.” The insertion was probably made under the influence of Deuteronomy 13:15 f. It has been suggested that Achan alone was put to death, but considering the views of ancient times, it is probable that the original narrator considered “ him” to include Achan’ s household.

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