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Daniel 6

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Verses 1-28

Daniel 6. Daniel in the Den of Lions.— After giving an account of the reorganisation of the empire by Darius after the fall of Babylon, this chapter describes a conspiracy formed against Daniel by the princes, which resulted in his being thrown into a den of lions for refusing to obey a decree which forbade prayer to God. Daniel is found alive and unhurt the next morning. His accusers are thrown to the lions and instantly devoured. Darius then issues a decree commanding the whole world to honour the God of Daniel. The purpose of the chapter is obviously to strengthen the Jews in their resistance to the demands of Antiochus Epiphanes.

1. Daniel 5:31 *.— satraps: we have no outside evidence in support of this statement. According to Herodotus the Persian Empire was first divided into twenty satrapies by Darius Hystaspis (522– 485 B.C.).

Daniel 6:4 . as touching the kingdom: in the work of his administration.

Daniel 6:6 . assembled: render, “ came tumultuously” ( mg.) .

Daniel 6:7 . mg., “ that the king should establish a statute” is better.

Daniel 6:8 . altereth not: “ passeth not away.” For an illustration of the statement, see Esther 1:19; Esther 8:8.

Daniel 6:10 . three times a day (cf. Psalms 41:7). The specified hours of prayer were: ( a) the time of the morning burnt offering, ( b) “ the ninth hour,” i.e. 3 P.M., ( c) sunset.— before his God: the Jews were accustomed to speak of praying “ before” God rather than “ to” Him.

Daniel 6:11 . assembled: Driver translates “ came thronging” ; Charles, “ kept watch upon.”

Daniel 6:18 . instruments of music. The meaning of the Aramaic word is uncertain. Some scholars translate “ concubines” or “ dancing girls.”

Daniel 6:24 . had the mastery of them: or “ fell upon them.”

Daniel 6:25-27 . This edict of Darius may be compared with the proclamations of Nebuchadnezzar in 329 and 41– 3.

Daniel 6:26 . stedfast: enduring, immovable.— Cyrus the Persian: the conqueror of Babylon in 538 B.C. His reign lasted till 529 B.C. (see Daniel 1:21, Daniel 10:1).

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