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Daniel 12

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Verses 1-13

Daniel 12. follows immediately upon the preceding paragraph, and there should be no break between the two chapters. 1– 3 forms the ending of the revelation which the angel makes to Daniel, and describes the deliverance of Israel and the resurrection of the just.

Daniel 12:1 . at that time: at the overthrow of Antiochus.— the great prince: the guardian angel of Israel ( cf. Daniel 10:13 ; Daniel 10:21).— in the book: i.e. the book of life ( cf. Psalms 69:28, Revelation 3:5 et passim) .

Daniel 12:2 . The doctrine of the resurrection. The OT has no very clear or definite teaching about the future life. The idea of a resurrection appears first in a national sense ( Hosea 6:2, Ezekiel 37:1-14). The resurrection of the individual is first enunciated in a post-exilic passage in Isaiah 26:19 *. where it is expressly limited to Israelites. The present passage is the earliest in which the resurrection of the wicked is definitely taught. Even here it is not universal ( cf. the phrase “ many of them that sleep” ).— everlasting life: this is the first occurrence of this phrase, which, however is frequently found in Apocryphal literature.

Daniel 12:3 . wise: does not refer to intellectual gifts but rather to moral stability ( cf. Daniel 11:33 ; Daniel 11:38). The martyrs and leaders of the people in its time of trial are here promised a counterbalancing “ weight of glory,” to use the phrase of Paul.

Daniel 12:4 . The closing of the vision.— many shall run to and fro: this is usually taken to mean “ run to and fro in the book,” i.e. diligently study and appropriate its teaching. Charles, however, thinks the text is corrupt and on the basis of the VSS translates, “ many shall apostatise and evils shall be multiplied upon the earth.”

Daniel 12:5-13 . Conclusion. The vision of the two angels who answer Daniel’ s inquiry as to the duration of the troubles.

Daniel 12:5 . other two: i.e. angels.— the river: Daniel 10:4 *.

Daniel 12:6 . one said: i.e. one of the angels.— to the man: the angel described in Daniel 10:5 f.

Daniel 12:7 . a time, times, and an half: 3½ years (see Daniel 7:25, Daniel 8:14).

Daniel 12:8 . Daniel fails to understand the answer and asks again, “ What shall be the final issue?” but in Daniel 12:9 is refused any further explanation.

Daniel 12:10 . Daniel 11:35 *.

Daniel 12:11 . continual burnt offerings . . . abomination: Daniel 11:31 *. 1290 days seems to be another way of describing the 3½ years. In Daniel 8:14 the number of days is given as 1150. How the discrepancy is to be explained is uncertain. Charles thinks that the numbers in Daniel 12:11 f. are later glosses.

Daniel 12:12 . Why the 1290 is increased by 45 days or 1½ months, is not easy to explain. All that can be said is, that while the 1290 days are supposed to witness the cessation of the “ abomination,” 45 more days are expected to elapse before complete blessedness is restored to Israel.

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