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1 Samuel 29

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Verses 1-11

1 Samuel 29-31., 2 Samuel 1:1-5 (J). Substantially these sections are a continuous narrative from the same document.

XXIX. David is Dismissed from the Philistine Army.— Continues 1 Samuel 28:1 ff.

As the Philistines are mustering for the battle, Achish reluctantly dismisses David at the instance of the princes, and bids him withdraw next morning, adding (so Driver and others, with LXX), “ And go ye to the place [Ziklag] which I have appointed for you, and do not harbour evil thoughts in thy heart, for thou hast my full confidence and favour,” lit. “ Do not put a pestilent word in thy heart, for thou art good before me.” Probably the original Heb. for “ pestilent word” was “ word of Belial.”

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