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Ephesians 3

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Verses 1-21


Paul describes himself as:

The ____________ of Jesus Christ

For the ____________.

We are living in the _________________ of the grace of God. A dispensation is a period of _______ given to certain events.

The ________ which saves has been reveled to Paul to share with others. ______________ means to make known. The grace of God is a ___________ until it is explained. Then we _______________ and have _____________.

In previous ________, or dispensations, this information was not made known. Through Paul, and the ____________ and ___________, it has been revealed. The work of revelation is a task that belongs to the _________.

This revealtion is not limited to one nation. The ____________ can:

1. Share as __________ - ________.

2. Be members of the same ________.

3. Partake of the ____________ in Christ.

This is why Paul was made a ____________. He had a _______ to share the grace of God. This work was given by the _____________ working of God's _________.

Paul demonstrates his ____________ by realizing that he is the ________ of all saints. His ability is not from himself. It was _________ to him from God. His work: Preach to the ___________. His message: The unsearchable _________ of Christ.

He wanted to help all men see the _____________ of the ___________. Since the ______________ of the world, this mystery has been hidden. God, who __________ all things, knew what the plan of salvation was.

It was the __________ of God to make known the ____________ wisdom of God through the __________. God wanted all to know:

1. ___________________.

2. Powers in _____________ places.

3. To both Jews and _____________.

NOTE: The only _________________ authorized to preach the gospel of grace is the church. All evangelism is to be done thorugh the church.

This is part of the ___________ of God. This plan was not a spur-of-the-moment decision. It was in the __________ plan. God had already decided to send Jesus Christ.

In Christ we have many rich blessings, including:

1. ______________.

2. ___________.

3. ______________.

4. And _________.

With all these _____________, we should not ________. These _________________ should not cause our faith to be weak.

Paul explains his reason for rejoicing. He states that there is a ________. He describes worship as bowing the _________.

The __________ is a family. Families wear the _______ of the Father. This is the name of all in the ___________ of God, both those in __________ and those on _________.

Our Father is ______. He will __________ to us:

1. The riches of his _________.

2. Strengthened with __________.

3. Indwelling of his ____________.

4. An __________ _______ of strength.

To those who are in God's family, _________ dwells in our hearts. This dwelling is by ________. The purpose of this indwelling is two-fold.

1. That we might be ____________.

2. That we might be ____________ in love.

Paul prays that we might be able to _______________ the four directions of love.

1. _____________. 2. _______________.

3. _____________. 4. _______________.

Also, we must _______ the love of Christ. His love ___________ our knowledge. Christians will be ___________ with the fulness of God.

Here is a __________________, a closing prayer. God is able to:

1. ____________. 2. _____________.

3. ________________. 4. _____________.

5. All we ________. 6. All we __________.

All of this is done _____________ to the power that is at _______ in us.

All our praise and ________ belong to God. This praise is to be found in the _________. This is the plan of God for all ________. Even when the _________ ends, the glory of God will continue.

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Luscombe, Manly. "Commentary on Ephesians 3". Luscombe's Commentary on Selected Books of the NT. 2021.