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Isaiah 35

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Verses 1-10

The Highway of the Lord (35:1-10)

This beautiful and triumphant poem could have been written only by one who was absolutely certain of the righteousness of God in history. The whole of nature is represented as being joyful because it will actually see “the glory of the Lord” (vss. 1-2). Then the prophet addresses the weak and feeble, saying, “Be strong, fear not,” because God is on his way to save them. Note that the word “vengeance” (vs. 4) in this case again does not render the Hebrew; it can here only mean the salvation of God (see comment on 34:1-17). Verses 5-7 point to the effects of God’s coming. The blind, the deaf, the lame, and the dumb all will be healed; and all the infertile places of nature will become fruitful. Then finally in verses 8-10 we hear of the highway from the nations which God will make for the “ransomed of the Lord” to return with joy and gladness to the Promised Land. Note how the last words reach the longing of every human heart: “and sorrow and sighing shall flee away.” For the setting of this triumphant and joyful expression the reader should turn to chapters 40-66.

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