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Psalms 47

Sutcliffe's Commentary on the Old and New TestamentsSutcliffe's Commentary

Verses 1-9

This is the song which the sons of Korah sung before the ark, when it was removed from the city of David to its place in the temple. 2 Chronicles 7:0; 2 Chronicles 7:0. The ark being a type of Christ, it foretels his exaltation in heaven, and the enlargement of his kingdom among the gentiles, who are here called upon to participate in the general joy arising from his triumphant ascension, and the success of his gospel among the nations.

Psalms 47:1 . Oh clap your hands, all ye people, for God in the terrible characters of the ark of his strength, is gone up to his restingplace in Zion. David, having once lodged the ark adjacent to his palace, would never suffer it to be removed.

Psalms 47:5 . God is gone up with a shout; the full band of singers, of harps, &c. joining in joyful song, with the king leading the choir. Jehovah heard in heaven, and accepted the dwelling prepared by human hands. There he delivered oracles and gave omens of his more glorious ascension to his true rest, which is in heaven.

Psalms 47:9 . The princes of the people are gathered together, to witness the faithfulness of God in now giving the whole of the promised land to the seed of Abraham, and to see David reign from the river of Egypt to the Euphrates; and in a more enlarged sense, to witness the triumphs of the Redeemer’s kingdom. The people of the God of Abraham, not the Jewish nation, but the spiritual seed of Abraham according to faith; for God is king in all the earth, Psalms 47:7; and the shields of the earth, the powers that shall rule over the converted nations, belong unto God. Instead of aspiring to conquest, and filling the earth with war and violence, they shall rule in righteousness, and cover their people with the shields of righteousness and truth.


Oh what a day of joy was this to Israel; and what must David have felt when dancing before the ark, and shouting in the song of victory. Surely angels in countless crowds hovered round, participating in the bliss of mortal man. The fall of the Levite for thoughtlessly touching the ark, was indeed a check on their joys; but it could not damp the ardours of the nation’s fire. Israel now began to indulge the hope, that as God was king in all the earth, so all nations would now come and bow before his throne. Because God sat on the throne of his holiness or mercyseat, and ruled the heathen as king in all the earth, Israel was confident that all nations should be subdued under their feet. But every covenant has its conditions. Israel forsook the Lord, and worshipped other gods; therefore his glory removed to the christian church. He has purified unto himself a new or peculiar people; and he shall reign among them till grace and justice subdue all nations under his feet, and till the uttermost parts of the earth become his possession. Hence the holy prophets did not fully know the import of the Spirit, who spake in them of the salvation which is come unto us. 1 Peter 1:10; 1 Peter 1:12. Let us therefore sing praises unto God; for what he has promised by his word, he will perform by his providence. The princes of the gentile world shall be nursing fathers to the church; and faithful servants to Abraham’s God.

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