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Psalms 116

Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole BibleCommentary Critical



:-. The writer celebrates the deliverance from extreme perils by which he was favored, and pledges grateful and pious public acknowledgments.

Verse 1

1, 2. A truly grateful love will be evinced by acts of worship, which calling on God expresses (Psalms 116:13; Psalms 55:16; Psalms 86:7; compare Psalms 17:6; Psalms 31:2).

Verse 3

3, 4. For similar figures for distress see Psalms 18:4; Psalms 18:5.

gat hold upon me—Another sense ("found") of the same word follows, as we speak of disease finding us, and of our finding or catching disease.

Verse 5

5-8. The relief which he asked is the result not of his merit, but of God's known pity and tenderness, which is acknowledged in assuring himself (his "soul," Psalms 11:1; Psalms 16:10) of rest and peace. All calamities [Psalms 16:10- :] are represented by death, tears, and falling of the feet (Psalms 56:13).

Verse 9

9. walk before the Lord—act, or live under His favor and guidance (Genesis 17:1; Psalms 61:7).

land of the living— (Psalms 61:7- :).

Verse 10

10, 11. Confidence in God opposed to distrust of men, as not reliable (Psalms 68:8; Psalms 68:9). He speaks from an experience of the result of his faith.

Verse 11

11. in my haste—literally, "terror," or "agitation," produced by his affliction (compare Psalms 31:22).

Verse 12

12-14. These are modes of expressing acts of worship (compare Psalms 116:4; Psalms 50:14; Jonah 2:9).

Verse 13

13. the cup of salvation—the drink offering which was part of the thank offering ( :-).

Verse 14

14. now—(compare :-). "Oh, that (I may do it)" in the presence, &c.

Verse 15

15, 16. By the plea of being a homeborn servant, he intimates his claim on God's covenant love to His people.

Verse 17

17-19. An ampler declaration of his purpose, designating the place, the Lord's house, or earthly residence in Jerusalem.

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