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Proverbs 29

Haydock's Catholic Bible CommentaryHaydock's Catholic Commentary

Verse 8

Corrupt. Hebrew, "scoffers," who provoke both God and men.

Verse 9

Rest; or bring him to hear reason. (Calmet) --- Septuagint, "a wise man shall rule nations; but the wicked being angry, is laughed at, and does not frighten."

Verse 10

Soul. they wish to protect the upright, Psalm cxli. 5.

Verse 13

Enlightener. Septuagint, "visitor," with punishment, as they seem to speak of palliated usury, which cannot escape God. See chap. xxii. 2.

Verse 18

Prophecy, by the urim, or by the mouth of prophets, who were in great power and estimation, 3 Kings i. 24., and xii. 23., and 2 Paralipomenon xxv. 6., and xxviii. 8. (Calmet) --- Septuagint, "There shall be none to explain the law to the impious nation." (Haydock) --- When pastors are wanting, all goes to ruin, 1 Corinthians xi. 4. (Ven. Bede) (Calmet)

Verse 20

Amendment. St. Jerome (as Evag.) says, after Thucydides: "Ignorance produces confidence, and learning fear."

Verse 24

Soul, and exposeth himself to death, though this was only inflicted for stealing a man, Exodus xxi. 16. The night-thief might also be killed in the fact, Exodus xxii. 2. But if the person who had stolen denied it on oath, he was put to death for perjury, Leviticus v. 1.

Verse 25

Fall. Human respects will not long preserve him from sin. (Calmet) --- Septuagint have a double version: "Those who fear and are ashamed of men, shall be thrown down. But he who confideth in the Lord, shall rejoice. Impiety overturneth man, while he who trusteth in the Lord shall be saved." (Grabe) (Haydock)

Verse 28


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