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2 Chronicles 19

Haydock's Catholic Bible CommentaryHaydock's Catholic Commentary

Verse 2

Thou. Sept. "O king Josaphat, if thou helpest the sinner; or, wilt thou befriend one hated by the Lord?" Prot. "shouldst thou....love them that hate the Lord?" H. --- The Donatists hence inferred, that it was not lawful to converse with sinners. But S. Augustine (contra ep. Par. ii. 18.) replied, that Josaphat was blamed for aiding Achab in the contempt of the true prophet, and for going to battle conformably to the predictions of impostors. Both kings offended, but in a different degree. W. --- We must also keep at as great a distance as possible from the notorious enemies of God, as their conversation is dangerous. T. --- Evil communications corrupt the best of manners. See Psalm cxxxviii., &c.

Verse 3

Works. Sept. "words." Prot. "things." H. --- The merit of Josaphat screened him from punishment. T. --- Prepared. Sept. "directed." M. --- Syriac, "disposed." Faith teaches that we can do no good of ourselves, but that we have free will to choose either good or evil.

Verse 4

Ephraim. This was the northern boundary, as Dan or Emath had been under David and Solomon. C.

Verse 6

And whatsoever. Heb. "who is with you in the judgment." The Lord will confirm you just decisions, and punish your injustice. H. --- God stood in the synagogue of gods, or judges, Psalm lxxxi. 1. Judges ought not so much to regard man as God, when they pass sentence. C. --- How then will the Anabaptists deny that a man may sit in judgment? T.

Verse 7

Gifts. The contrary is the source of so much corruption. H. --- It would be proper to inscribe this sentence on the walls of all courts of judicature, or rather on the hearts of all in office. T. --- None but the true religion can produce such maxims. C.

Verse 8

And the. Heb. "of the Lord, and for disputes among the people among themselves, (H.) and they returned, (v. 4) or dwelt at Jerusalem." C. --- Sept. "to judge the inhabitants of," &c. Josephus (ix. 1.) says, "he returned." Syriac, "And being returned....he exhorted."

Verse 10

Cities. He addressed the judges of the capital, to whom appeals might be made. C. M. --- Kindred, with respect to inheritances and matrimonial cases. Heb. "blood," or murder, whither casual or wilful.

Verse 11

Amarias, (1 Paralipomenon vi. 11.) or rather Azarias, the father of Johanan, 1 Paralipomenon v. 9. --- Office, in civil matters. C. --- Here is a plain distinction between the spiritual and temporal authority, instituted by God, Deut. xvii., and Num. xxvii. W. T. --- Masters. Heb. shoterim, to execute the sentence; (D.) or "officers." --- You. Prot. "with the good." H.

Verse 31


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