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Genesis 6

Hampton's Commentary on Selected BooksHampton's Commentary

Verses 1-7

The Sons of God Married the Daughters of Men

From the time of the fall, men could be grouped in two major categories. The "sons of God" would be those people who had good morals, were God-fearing and religious. Abel was of this category. He offered in accord with the Lord's will and was accepted in his sight ( Gen_4:1-4 ; Heb_11:4 ). Enoch was taken off the earth by God because he pleased him. To please God, one must believe God exists and that he will reward those who diligently seek him ( Gen_5:24 ; Heb_11:5-6 ). The other category was the "daughters of men," who would be those who gave priority to fleshly desires. Cain would be of this group.

There came a time when the righteous began to intermarry with the unrighteous ( Gen_6:2 ). They chose their mates because of their physical attractiveness instead of their spiritual strength. This wrong motive for marriage turned the hearts of the righteous away from God (compare 1Ki_11:1-3 ). People also had their hearts filled with wickedness and the earth was filled with violence ( Gen_6:5 ; Gen_6:11 ). God limited the amount of time he would strive with man to bring him back to recognition of his sins and turn him back ( Gen_6:3 ). Destruction of the earth was brought by God because of all the wickedness of man ( 2Pe_2:5 ).

God does have a limit to his patience with man's wickedness. He will destroy the earth when he can no longer tolerate man's sinfulness ( Gen_6:5-7 ; 2Pe_3:8-10 ). In the days of Noah, God was sorry, or repented, that he had made man. He did not repent in the sense of turning away from evil. Instead, he turned from fellowship with man because of wickedness.

Verses 8-17

God Saved Noah

The one righteous man on earth, Noah, and his family were saved by God ( Gen_6:8 ). Noah was "just" in that he lived in accord with God's will. He was "perfect," or upright, in that he was solely dedicated to God's service. The inspired record also says he "walked with God," which means he did all God commanded him to do ( Gen_6:9 ; Gen_6:22 ; Gen_7:5 ).

When Noah heard God's warning, he, being motivated by a proper respect for the Creator's power, set out to prepare an ark as God had instructed ( Heb_11:7 ). This is in sharp contrast to those around him. They refused to repent and obey God despite Noah's preaching all the years the ark was being built ( 2Pe_2:5 ).

Verses 18-21

God's Covenant With Noah

God made a covenant with Noah. It was an arrangement whereby God would protect Noah and his family ( Gen_6:18-21 ). Noah had to meet the conditions of the covenant to receive the reward ( Gen_6:14-17 ; Gen_7:2-3 ; Gen_7:5 ). Then, God used the waters of the flood to save them from the wicked world. They emerged in a world purified of all evil.

Just so, baptism can deliver us from the condemnation of sin. It can purify us from its terrible stain ( 1Pe_3:20-21 ; Act_22:16 ). Baptism serves as a grave for the old man of sin from which God resurrects us to walk in a new life ( Rom_6:3-4 ). The waters of baptism separate us from our former sins and make us a new creature in Christ ( Act_2:38 ; 2Co_5:17 ).

The water would not have saved Noah if he had not acted in accord with God's will. Neither can we be saved unless we act in accord with God's will ( Mat_7:21 ). Receiving the love of God is contingent upon our keeping his commandments ( Joh_14:15 ; 1Jn_5:1-3 ).

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