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Bible Commentaries
Genesis 44

Hampton's Commentary on Selected BooksHampton's Commentary

Verses 1-34

A Test for Joseph's Brothers

Once again, Joseph told his steward to fill the sacks with grain and place each man's money in his sack. However, he also told him to put his silver cup in the mouth of Benjamin's sack. All eleven brothers left at dawn. Before they had gone very far out of the city, Joseph told his steward to find them and ask why they had taken his cup. They told him they had not taken the cup and he could kill the man with whom it was found.

When the cup was found in Benjamin's sack, they tore their clothes and went back into the city with him. Judah told Joseph he felt this trouble arose because of sin in their past, likely referring to selling their brother into slavery. He offered Joseph the service of all the brothers as slaves. Joseph told him only the one in whose sack the cup was found would be made a slave. Judah then explained how difficult it had been to get Jacob to let Benjamin go to Egypt. He expressed a sincere fear that Jacob would die if his youngest son was not with them. He also told Joseph that he had guaranteed Benjamin's safe return and offered himself in the lad's stead ( Gen_44:1-34 ).

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