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Exodus 37

Garner-Howes Baptist CommentaryGarner-Howes

Verses 1-5


Verses 1-5:

The names of the workmen who fabricated the various components of the tabernacle are not listed 1Co 3:9. The mention of Bezaleel in this text is emphatic. It appears to show that the highest skill was required for the most sacred of all the objects connected with the tabernacle: the Ark of the Covenant, as well as for the other articles of furniture. Bezaleel followed exactly the pattern for the ark, its rings, and the golden staves, given in Ex 25:10-16.

Verses 6-9

Verses 6-9:

Bezaleel followed the pattern given in Ex 25:17-22, for the mercy seat and the over-shadowing cherubim. This was the most sacred place in all Israel. It was the place where God met with His people to commune with them through the high priest.

Verses 10-16

Verses 10-16:

The text is not clear on the identity of the one who constructed the table of shewbread, although it may be assumed to be Bezaleel. This important article of furniture was made after the pattern given in Ex 25:23-30. See the comments on this reference.

Verses 17-24

Verses 17-24:

The pattern for the golden "candlestick" or lampstand is found in Ex 25:31-40. The lampstand and its vessels were made from one talent of pure gold. Bezaleel followed this pattern exactly. See the comments on this passage, in chapter 25.

Verses 25-28

Verses 25-28:

The golden altar of incense is here given in its proper place among the other articles of furniture for the tabernacle. Bezaleel fashioned the altar, following the exact pattern given in Ex 30:1-10. See the comments on this passage.

Verse 29

Verse 29:

Bezaleel compounded the holy anointing oil, using the skills of the apothecary. For the formula of this oil, and the purpose for which it was to be used, see Ex 30:22-38.

Bibliographical Information
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