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Zechariah 3

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Verses 1-10

As the first three visions dealt principally with the material side of Israel's tribulation and restoration, the remaining five dealt pre-eminently with her moral and spiritual influence.

In vision the prophet saw Joshua, who was then the actual high priest, standing before the angel of the Lord, but clothed in filthy garments, while at his right hand Satan stood at his adversary, that is, as one pleading against the cause which Joshua represented. The filthy garments were removed, and in their place a fair miter was set on his head, and he was clothed with rich apparel.

While this vision applied to one who in priestly function would wear the garments of the nation's pollution, and change them for the miter and the garments of access, it preeminently set forth that the nation which had failed through sin would be restored by moral cleansing to the priestly position and function of access to God and mediation. The accomplishment of this glorious restoration is associated with the bringing forth of the Branch, and the removal of iniquity.

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