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Bible Commentaries

Morgan's Exposition on the Whole Bible

2 Peter 3

Verses 1-18

False teaching which denies the power of Christ issues in false thinking which denies the Coming of Christ. There will be mockers who will walk in lust and make sport of the great hope of the Church, declaring that things will ever continue as they have continued. To strengthen his readers against this peril, the apostle reminded them of the prophecies, and the commandment of the Lord, and said further that what appears to be delay is due to the long-suffering of God, with whom time does not exist.

The day of the Lord will come. It will be destructive. It will be constructive. We may hasten that day by holy living and godliness. The results of this knowledge should be diligence to create the character for which He will seek, to create it by loyalty to His Lordship, and patience during the delay.

The final exhortation is twofold. "Beware." To be forewarned is indeed to be forearmed. The certainty of the truth of the things of Christ will enable the trusting soul to detect error and to produce a carefulness and steadfastness in life. That marks the attitude of caution. "Growl" Standing in grace and knowledge the soul is in the soil and atmosphere for development. Let there be growth by response to these things. Growth is the condition of increasing strength and abiding steadfastness.

The writer ends with a brief and comprehensive doxology of glory to the Lord and Saviour in the present and the future; that is, in response to His power, and by way of His Coming. The soul is established against all possibilities of perils in Him both now and forever.

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Morgan, G. Campbell. "Commentary on 2 Peter 3". "Morgan's Exposition on the Bible". 1857-84.