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1 Samuel 30

Verses 1-31

Being thus delivered, David returned to Ziklag. In his absence it had been sacked by the Amalekites. Immediately the true spirit of patriotic heroism was stirred within him, and he moved with rapid determination to avenge the wrong.

He was absolutely successful, inflicting punishment on his foes and rescuing from them all who were his own.

It is from this story that the history moves forward into the next Book. Having gathered spoils from his enemies, David sent presents to all the elders of Judah, and by this act undoubtedly prepared the way for establishing himself among them.

We have no warrant for thinking that this was merely an act of policy on David's part to obtain the throne. It would be far nearer the truth to say that recognizing his position as the anointed of God he was burning determination with him to rid his people of their foes, and to enlarge his army by enlisting the sympathy of the leaders of the tribe.

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