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1 Samuel 15

Morgan's Exposition on the Whole BibleMorgan's Exposition

Verses 1-35

Saul was commissioned by Jehovah through Samuel to smite Amalek, and it was in connection with this that the sin occurred which filled his cup to the brim and caused him to be rejected.

His campaign was victorious over the whole section of the country, but again he was disobedient, sparing Agag and a part of the spoil.

Samuel's anger at this wrong is a clear revelation of his loyalty to Jehovah. Strong in his consciousness of the supremacy of Cod over the appointed king, and in his sense of the folly of the king's sin, Samuel went forth to meet the king. When Samuel charged Saul with sin Saul prevaricated, meeting the prophet with what was virtually a lie on his lips, "I have performed the commandment of Jehovah." Then in solemn and sublime words Samuel pronounced him as rejected for the kingship.

There is a striking contrast between Samuel and Saul as they are seen here side by side. Saul, the man of great opportunity, miserably failing and passing through disobedience to ruin. Samuel, rejected long ago of the people, still mighty in his allegiance to God, burning in anger, denouncing in force, and, finally, in a white heat of loyalty, himself hewing Agag to pieces.

This was the last interview between the king and the prophet prior to the latter's death. Very touching is the statement, "Samuel mourned for Saul." Evidently the old man had loved the young man, and had hoped great things from him. When Saul failed, Samuel denounced him without sparing, and then in loneliness mourned over him.

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