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1 Corinthians 6

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Verses 1-20

The apostle now passed to another dereliction. Disputes in the church were being submitted to heathen tribunals. What these matters were we are not told. The teaching of the apostle is clear, and has application for all time. Disputes among saints should be settled between saints, and wholly within the confines of the church. The argument as to the fitness of the saints for the work is that as they will finally have to judge angels, surely they ought to be able to judge things pertaining to this life. The apostle declared that it is better to bear wrong than to appeal for right to a tribunal of unrighteous men. His argument as to the unfitness of unbelievers is that "the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdom of God."

Under certain circumstances lawful things may not be right for the Christian. First, lawful things may not be expedient, and, second, lawful things must not gain mastery. In the compass of the first limitation, namely, expediency, the whole outlook of the Christian is undoubtedly included, not merely personal right, but the culture of the life; and, moreover, relative responsibility concerning others. Things which are lawful in themselves if they do not directly tend to profit both the individual and those who may be influenced by the individual are inexpedient.

The second limitation is that things which are perfectly lawful must not be permitted to obtain mastery over life. With a passing reference to the question of meats, the apostle deals with the sin of fornication. How high and stately is the ground of his argument, that the body is now a member of Christ and is for the Lord. The person joined to the Lord "is one spirit," and therefore, all the functions and powers of the life must be dominated by that spirit.

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