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Leviticus 20

Gaebelein's Annotated BibleGaebelein's Annotated

Verses 1-27

3. Warnings Against Special Sins and their Penalties


1. Warning against Molech--worship and familiar spirits (Leviticus 20:1-8 )

2. Warning against cursing parents (Leviticus 20:9 )

3. Criminal and vile connections (Leviticus 20:10-21 )

4. Exhortations to obedience and separation (Leviticus 20:22-27 )

This chapter reveals the justice of God in dealing with criminals. The death penalty is most prominent. It is pronounced upon the following crimes: Molech worship; dealing with familiar spirits (spiritualism); different forms of incest and sodomy. Men advocate now the abolishment of death penalty without considering the outraged justice of a holy God. The object of these severe penalties imposed by Jehovah were the satisfaction of justice and the vindication of a broken law. A closer examination of these warnings and the penalties attached will reveal the seriousness of the offences against the theocratic government set up in the midst of Israel, and the perfect justice of every penalty. It is a serious matter if critics find fault with these solemn statements, denying their authority and judging the holy and infallible judge.

The chapter gives a testimony against the awful drift of our times in the lax laws concerning marriage, divorces and its attending evils so very much in evidence among the so-called Christian nations.

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Gaebelein, Arno Clemens. "Commentary on Leviticus 20". "Gaebelein's Annotated Bible". 1913-1922.