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Bible Commentaries

F.B. Meyer's 'Through the Bible' Commentary

Joshua 9

Verses 1-15

Deceived by the Gibeonites

Joshua 9:1-15

The presence of common peril forced the nations of Canaan to combine for self-preservation. Would that the various sections of the visible Church might see their way to a similar policy in view of the evil in the world!

Gibeon lay five miles north of Jerusalem. The name means “built on a hill.” The Church has suffered more from the wiles of the devil than from his attacks. The deceitfulness of sin is most to be dreaded. Better to meet Caiaphas than Judas, and a black devil than a white one.

How often we act without asking the counsel of God! Yet when once an oath is taken which does not absolutely conflict with morality, God holds us to it, 2 Samuel 21:1 . By this impressive instance we are taught to wait on God before making our decisions, which are apt to become irrevocable, Psalms 127:2 .

Verses 16-27

“Hewers of Wood and Drawers of Water”

Joshua 9:16-27

The faith of these people was so far rewarded that, while their deception was punished by their reduction to the most menial tasks, yet their lives were spared; and, to a certain degree, they were incorporated with Israel and associated with the service of God’s house. This position made them as unlikely as possible to seduce Israel from loyalty to Jehovah.

The Gibeonites were afterward known as Nethinim-that is, given. See 1 Chronicles 9:2 ; Ezra 2:43 ; Ezra 8:20 . If in the earlier part of your life you have made some great mistake which threatens to limit your influence for good, do not sit down in despair, but get service out of it. Let it hew your wood and draw your water!

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