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Acts 18

Edwards' Family Bible New TestamentFamily Bible NT

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Verse 1

Corinth ; the capital of Achaia, a province of Greece.

Verse 2

Pontus ; the north-eastern province of Asia Minor.

Claudius ; the Roman emperor, who reigned from A.D. 41 to 54.

Verse 3

Craft ; trade, or occupation.

They were tent - makers ; it was the custom of the Jews to have their sons taught some mechanical art; that they might thus, in any emergency, be able to provide for themselves. A knowledge of useful business is important to all, especially to ministers who are called to preach the gospel and establish churches in heathen lands; and diligence in the discharge of appropriate duties is honorable, and highly conducive to usefulness and enjoyment.

Verse 4

Persuaded the Jews ; that Jesus was the Christ.

Verse 5

Pressed in the spirit ; distressed in view of the condition of the Jews, and powerfully moved to preach to them the gospel.

Verse 6

Opposed themselves ; set themselves against him and his preaching.

Shook his raiment ; in token of deep abhorrence of their sins.

Your blood ; the guilt of your destruction.

I am clean ; free from blame.

Verse 7

One that worshipped God ; a proselyte to the Jewish religion.

Verse 9

Ministers of the gospel are at times liable to great fear and depression of spirits. But God is able to encourage and protect them. He would have them remember, that among their opposers may be many who will be their warmest friends; and that by perseverance and fidelity in preaching the gospel, they may be instrumental in preparing them for an exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

Verse 10

Much people in this city ; many who shall receive the gospel and be saved.

Verse 12

Gallio ; the Roman governor of the province of Achaia, and brother of the philosopher Seneca.

Made insurrection ; assaulted and apprehended Paul.

Verse 13

Contrary to the law ; the law of Moses.

Verse 14

Paul was now about to open his mouth ; to speak in his own defence.

Wrong or wicked lewdness ; injustice, or any crime.

Reason would that I should bear with you ; it would be reasonable to hear the complaint and try the cause.

Verse 15

A question of words and names ; merely about their religion.

Verse 17

Then all the Greeks ; the Gentiles present, who sympathized with Gallio in his abhorrence of Jewish bigotry.

Sosthenes ; probably at that time a leader of the persecution against Paul.

Cared for none of those things ; troubled not himself about the treatment that Sosthenes received from the Greeks, being willing that he should suffer the indignation of the people.

Verse 18

Shorn his head ; cut off his hair, as was the custom in fulfilment of a vow, or promise to the Lord.

Cenchrea ; the seaport of Corinth, about eight miles east of the city.

Verse 19

Ephesus ; a city of Ionia in Asia Minor, about forty miles south of Smyrna.

Verse 21

This feast ; the feast of the passover. A pious man with right views, in forming his plans, will not lose sight of his dependence on God, or forget that, if the Lord will, he shall live and do this or that; and he will honor Him by the suitable expression, at proper times, of this momentous truth.

Verse 22

Cesarea ; a seaport on the western coast of Palestine.

Gone up ; to Jerusalem.

Antioch ; in Syria, the place from which he went out on his late tour.

Verse 23

Galatia and Phrygia ; provinces which he had before visited.

Strengthening all the disciples ; confirming their faith in the gospel and encouraging them to persevere in holy living.

Verse 24

Alexandria ; a city in the north part of Egypt, founded by Alexander the Great, about three hundred years before Christ.

Verse 25

This man was instructed in the way of the Lord ; so far as it was revealed in the Old Testament, and made known by the preaching of John the Baptist.

Verse 26

Expounded unto him the way of God more perfectly ; they showed him what had taken place since the preaching of John with regard to the Messiah, and pointed out more clearly the way of salvation through him. Great zeal and eloquence, united with love to Christ and the souls of men, are not enough to make a minister of the gospel most useful. He must also be acquainted with the word and the providence of God, and be able to show how one is a fulfilment and illustration of the other.

Verse 27

Achaia ; a part of Greece, of which Corinth was the capital, where Aquila and Priscilla had lived.

The brethren wrote ; the Christians at Ephesus wrote letters, recommending Apollos to the Christians in Achaia.

Helped them much ; by his zeal, eloquence, and piety, he greatly assisted those who, through grace, had believed in Jesus Christ.

Bibliographical Information
Edwards, Justin. "Commentary on Acts 18". "Edwards' Family Bible New Testament". https://studylight.org/commentaries/eng/fam/acts-18.html. American Tract Society. 1851.
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