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Edwards' Family Bible New Testament

1 Peter 1

Verse 1

Strangers ; Jewish Christians, scattered throughout Pontus, Galatia, etc., provinces of Asia Minor. The people of God are scattered throughout various countries that they may show the nature of true religion, and thus lead others to embrace it and receive its benefits.

Verse 2

According to the foreknowledge-through sanctification-unto obedience and sprinkling ; the apostle states three particulars concerning their election: first, it is in accordance with God’s foreknowledge; in other words, it is the carrying out in action of his eternal foreknowledge, which includes his purpose; secondly, it is through the sanctification of the Holy Spirit, as the agent; thirdly, it is unto obedience and the sprinkling of Christ’s blood, as the end. All who are elected, then, are elected to be brought into a state of obedience and purification from sin, through the power of God’s Spirit, and the efficacy of Christ’s blood, called the blood of sprinkling, because it cleanses the conscience from the guilt and defilement of sin. Hebrews 9:18-23 .

Verse 3

A lively hope ; more literally, a living hope. The Christian’s hope is a living principle, and sustains his spiritual life.

By the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead ; this lies at the foundation of the regenerating power of the Spirit, with the living hope that accompanies it; for the Spirit works through the truth, verse 1 Peter 1:22 ; James 1:18 .

Verse 5

In the last time ; at the end of the world. Those who believe on Christ must persevere in holiness in order to be saved; and the manner in which God keeps them affords the greatest encouragement to do this.

Verse 6

If need be ; if it seem good to God that it be so for your spiritual profit. Compare Hebrews 12:6-11 .

Verse 7

The trial of your faith ; that is, the result of its being tried; or, which amounts to the same thing, your faith itself after it has been so tried; for it is not the trial that is precious, but its product.

Than of gold ; more literally, than gold.

Though it be tried with fire ; judged worth such a trial, notwithstanding its perishable nature, while your faith is imperishable.

Verse 9

Receiving-the salvation of your souls ; eternal life begins in the soul with the beginning of faith in Christ, which has this for its end; though the full possession of it is reserved for the life to come. God never sends trials on his people, or allows snares to beset them, except when their good requires it. Their faith often needs to be tried, to show whether it is genuine; and when these tests prove that it is, and that its end will be salvation, this greatly increases their joy.

Verse 10

The prophets have inquired ; they sought to know more fully the meaning of the prophecies which they uttered concerning Christ, and the blessings he would bestow on his people.

Verse 11

What ; what time in respect to its distance from them.

What manner of time ; in respect to the character of the events belonging to it.

Verse 12

That not unto themselves ; not unto themselves chiefly. Their revelations related to our times, and were given mainly for our benefit.

Did minister ; minister by way of prophetic annuciation, the things which are now announced to you as facts.

Which things ; foretold by the prophets, and revealed in the gospel.

Angels desire to look ; the church on earth and its salvation are objects of sturdy and admiration in heaven.

Verse 13

Wherefore ; as the things revealed had engaged the attention of prophets, apostles, and angels.

Gird up the loins of your mind ; be awake, attentive, and steadfast in the faith and practice of the gospel.

The grace ; their salvation at the day of judgment. The fact that Christ and his salvation are the great subjects of Scripture, and have been regarded with the most intense interest by good men in all ages, and even by the angels in heaven, should lead all on earth to give them their earnest, devout, active, and persevering devotion.

Verse 14

Ignorance ; their unconverted state.

Verse 15

He ; God.

Verse 17

If ye call on the Father ; or, if ye call upon him as Father.

In fear ; that fear of God which would lead them to obey him, and that fear of sin which would lead them to avoid it.

Verse 18

Vain conversation ; vain life; their vain reliance on the ceremonies of the law and the traditions of the father. It may be the duty of persons to change their religion although it has come down to them from their ancestors, and is supported by ancient traditions; and in many cases, unless they do change it, they will lose their souls.

Verse 20

Foreordained ; as a Saviour.

Verse 21

By him ; it is through Christ alone that we come to God as our heavenly Father, and exercise true faith in him. John 14:6 .

Might be in God ; rest on what God, not man, has done.

Verse 22

Unto unfeigned love ; having this for its proper result.

Verse 23

Not of corruptible seed ; not as at first, of mortal parents, born to die.

The word of God , which liveth and abideth for ever ; and therefore communicates and nourishes life which will be eternal. Truth is the means of regeneration and sanctification; and men by believing and obeying it are instrumental of their own eternal life.

Verse 24

For all flesh is as grass ; a contrast between the weakness and transitoriness of man and the power and eternal duration of God’s word, taken from Isaiah 40:6-8 .

Verse 25

As the gospel is the appointed means of saving the soul, all should be taught to read it. It should also be preached to all, and they should be allowed and disposed to hear it, especially on the Sabbath; and for this purpose to rest from worldly business, travelling, and amusement, and meet together unitedly to seek the blessings of grace.

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