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Bible Commentaries

Expositor's Dictionary of Texts

Numbers 14

Verses 1-45


Numbers 14:24

I. God's Testimony Concerning Caleb.

1. He had another spirit with him. The contrast is between the spirit which he cherished and ( a ) that of the spies who brought back a discouraging report; ( b ) that of the people who were thereby roused to murmuring and rebellion. The spirit of Caleb was:

(i) A conciliatory spirit. 'Blessed are the peacemakers.'

(ii) A cheerful spirit. 'All things work together for good,' etc.

(iii) A prompt spirit. 'Let us go up at once.'

(iv) A courageous spirit. He stood almost alone.

(v) A trustful spirit. 'The Lord is with us.'

2. He followed the Lord fully. One of the greatest needs of the present age in the Church and in the world is thoroughness.

(i) Only a thorough Christian is of much real service in the cause of Christ.

(ii) Only a thorough Christian enters fully into the enjoyment which Christ's service affords.

(iii) Only a thorough Christian will remain steadfast in the hour of trial.

II. The reward which God promised Caleb. 'Him will I bring,' etc. It is useless to pretend to be indifferent to rewards.

The promise was fulfilled at last.

God has promised something better for us.

Our hopes and expectations rest upon the Word of God. 'The Lord hath said.'

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