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Genesis 27

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Verses 1-46

Music to the House of God (At a Musical Festival)

Genesis 27:17

I. If we ask what is the true place of music in the Church of God, we can but answer that it has a wondrous power of creating and sustaining emotion and enthusiasm. The danger lies in our confusing music designed and executed for devotional purposes with music designed for other purposes. The devotion of the performer's heart in spiritual penitence or praise must inspire the music of the Church if it is to be for the worship of God.

II. Music like all other gifts has two sides. Use it as God's gift, praise God in it, let it preach to you higher things and it will be one of your best possessions. But do nothing with it except enjoy it, let it end in nothing more lasting than a beautiful feeling and it may be a sensual snare.

Bishop Yeatman-Biggs, Christian World Pulpit, vol. lxix., 1904, p. 185.

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