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Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Psalms 7

Verses 1-17

This Ps. is an appeal to God as the righteous Judge against an ungrateful and vindictive enemy. Nothing is known of Cush the Benjamite, but the case of Shimei affords a parallel to the circumstances here referred to (2 Samuel 18:21). The absenee of any Scripture mention of Cush makes it all the more probable that the title of this Ps. is genuine, and not invented. The Psalmist asserts his own innocence (Psalms 7:1-6), calls on God, the righteous Judge of all the earth, to exercise His power against evil-doers (Psalms 7:7-13), and describes how the malice of the wicked works its own defeat (Psalms 7:14-17).

Title.—Shiggaion] perhaps, ’a wandering (i.e. changeful) melody.’

3. If I have done this] with which Cush charged him. See further in Psalms 7:4.

4. The second clause may be read without the parenthesis, ’or despoiled him that without cause was mine adversary.’

5. Take] RV ’overtake.’ Mine honour] RV ’my glory,’ an equivalent for ’soul’ and ’life’ in the previous parallel clauses. Selah] see on Psalms 3:4.

6. Awake for me] a daring figure, as if God’s delay had been due to sleep. To the judgment that, etc.] RV ’thou hast commanded judgment,’ i.e. exercised the justice of which Thou art the source.

7. So shall, etc.] RV ’and let,’ etc. People] RV ’peoples.’ So in Psalms 7:8. An assize of all the nations is pictured. For their sakes, etc.] RV ’over them return thou on high,’ or ’sit thou above them,’ i.e. in judgment.

8. Shall judge] RV ’ministereth judgment to.’

9. Just] RV ’righteous,’ the same epithet which is applied to God. The hearts and reins] the whole inner life. The reins are the kidneys, and are spoken of like the heart, the bowels, and the internal organs generally, as the seat of thought and feeling.

11. Read, ’God is a righteous judge, yea, a God that hath indignation everyday.’

12. Read, ’If a man turn not He (God) will whet,’ etc.

13. He ordaineth, etc.] RV ’He maketh his arrows fiery shafts’The sense is parallel with the last clause of Psalms 7:12.

14. There is a transition at this point from God to the wicked man.

15. He made] RV ’he hath made.’ The evil he planned for others comes on himself.

16. another figure for the same thing. Mischief is like a stone thrown up, which falls back upon the thrower’s head. Pate] Old English for ’head.’

17. All that has been said illustrates the righteousness of the Lord, which is accordingly the ground of this concluding ascription of praise.

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