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Psalms 44

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Verses 1-26

This is a prayer for deliverance from national trouble which has not been deserved by any apostasy or idolatry. The strong assertions of national faithfulness are akin to the spirit of the Maccabean age, but the conditions indicated in the Ps. may be found also at an earlier date, such as the time of the invasion by Sennacherib in the reign of Hezekiah. God has helped His people in the days of old (Psalms 44:1-3), and they are still confident in Him (Psalms 44:4-8), yet He has allowed their enemies to bring them low (Psalms 44:9-16). But they are still loyal to Him (Psalms 44:17-22), and cry earnestly that He would remember them and save them (Psalms 44:23-26).

Title.—See on Psalms 42.

2. Heathen] EV ’nations.’ People] RV ’peoples,’ the inhabitants of Canaan. So in Psalms 44:11, Psalms 44:14.

8. Selah] see on Psalms 3:4.

11, 12. Some are slain, and others sold into captivity.

12. For nought, etc.] God does not gain by such transactions. His name and cause are rather discredited.

13, 14. See the speech of Rabshakeh (2 Kings 18:27-35).

19. Place of dragons] RV ’place of jackals,’ a desert, to which condition the country had been reduced. Shadow of death] deep darkness and gloom.

23. Why sleepest thou?] an expression of startling boldness, yet the prayer of Psalms 44:26 shows that its daring springs not from unbelief but from faith.

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Dummelow, John. "Commentary on Psalms 44". "Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible". 1909.