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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Mark 11

Verses 1-33

Jesus rides into Jerusalem. The Fig Tree. Cleansing the Temple; Christ’s Authority Challenged

1-11. The entry into Jerusalem (Matthew 21:1; Luke 19:29; John 12:12). See on Mt and Jn.

10. Blessed be the kingdom of our father David] These words, peculiar to Mk, show that the people expected Him to set up an earthly kingdom like David’s, and that immediately.

12-14. Cursing of the fig tree (Matthew 21:18). See on Mt.

15-19. Cleansing of the temple (Matthew 21:12; Luke 19:45). See on Mt and on John 2:13.

16. Any vessel] This prohibition is peculiar to Mk. The people make a thoroughfare through the Temple, carrying with them baskets, household utensils, etc.

17. Of all nations] These words, though found in Isaiah 56:7, are recorded only by Mk. They show that our Lord distinctly contemplated the call of the Gentiles.

20-26. The withering of the fig tree. The power of faith (Matthew 21:20). See on Mt.

25. This v. does not occur in the parallel passage in Mt, but there is something similar in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 6:14).

Stand] The customary attitude of prayer: see on Matthew 6:5.

26. This v. is omitted by many modern critics; but there is considerable evidence for its retention: cp. Matthew 6:15; Matthew 18:35.

27-33. Christ’s authority to teach (Matthew 21:23; Luke 20:1). See on Mt.

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Dummelow, John. "Commentary on Mark 11". "Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible". 1909.