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Bible Commentaries

Dummelow's Commentary on the Bible

Joshua 18

Verses 1-28

The Second Allotment. Introduction. The Territory of Benjamin

1-10. These vv supply an introduction to the second allotment in general, and agree with the passages which, in common with Judges 1, view the conquest as gradual and partial. The seven tribes still hang back through ’slackness’ (Joshua 18:3), while Judah and Joseph are already in possession.

5. Judah shall abide, etc.] In the final allotment the S. border of Benjamin coincided with the N. border of Judah as far as Kirjath-jearim; the lowlands and plains W. of that were given to Dan (Joshua 19:40).

11-20. The lot of Benjamin. It had, as boundaries, Ephraim to the N. and Judah to the S: the Jordan was the E. border, and Beth-horon to Kirjath-jearim the W. Jerusalem (Jebus) was within its borders.

13. Luz, which is Beth-el] see on Genesis 28:19.

14. And compassed the corner of the sea] RV ’and turned about on the west quarter.’

15. Nephtoah] a fountain near Jerusalem. The S. boundary is the same as the N. boundary of Judah (Joshua 15:5-9), but traced here from W. to E.

16. Jebusi] RV ’the Jebusite,’ meaning Jerusalem. The Benjamin border passed S. of Jerusalem. It is often forgotten that this city, though bordering upon Judah, was really in the territory of Benjamin.

19. Beth-hoglah] N. end of the Dead Sea.

21-28. The cities of Benjamin. The most famous of them are Jericho, Ramah (1 Samuel 1:19), Mizpeh (1 Samuel 7:5), Jerusalem, and Gibeath or Gibeah.

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